Brakes Any special advice on the coaster brk free-wheel conversion?


Local time
2:18 PM
May 31, 2008
Kansas City, MO
This morning on my way to work I was pulling out from a stop and trying to peddle rather aggressively when the sprocket started slipping and my peddles were spinning but they weren't turning the wheel. And likewise back-peddling doesn't engage the break. The sprokets just spin without moving the wheel. Boy does that suck! So I plan to put a larger sprocket on and do the free wheel conversion at the same time.

I believe the cause of the problem is the combined weight of me and the motor, and the intense force I was putting on a too high gear. That and they don't make them like they used to.

The conversion method is pretty clear. I was just wondering if anyone has any special advice before I tear the hub apart.
What kind of hub is it? I did my conversion just yesterday and it seems okay.

I just don't understand how your hub could fail going forward unless your axle was slipping also?
I haven't had a chance to study it yet as I'm at work today. I don't know the brand of hub but I can tell you It's a Schwinn Beach Cruiser, less than one year old. I think I sheared something off. The wheel is not loose. It spins freely without making any noise. I'll find out the answer when I have a chance to tear it down.
Well here's what happened. There's a little pin in the sprocket that fits in a whole in the crank or vice versa, and it sheared off so my crank could spin in either direction but doesn't turn the sprockets and thus, NO BRAKES! The instructions recommend spot welding the crank and sprocket together, however I think most people are like me and don't have a welder. So I guess they'll just keep selling this death trap the way it is until someone dies and they get sued.