Any suggestions for lobbying NYS for a registration? !

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  1. I'm reading how Florida finally got a tag for MB's. I'm looking for suggestions or pressure from the community on how to get a similar change in NYS. There is a HUGE untapped customer base here. In Buffalo, NY alone the city has put in bike lanes and bike racks all over the city. We NYS folks need the help of any company or individuals willing to help!

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    Very difficult to do.
    The peddler crowd wants the lanes for themselves and there sure are more of them than us.

    I got into motoredbikes because I heard that e-bikes were legal here. It was just the liars at Bert's bikes. There was a law proposed but in this corrupt state- it died like the proposals before it.
    I got around their stupidity by buying a scrap moped with a good reg. putting the numbers on my bike along with lights, horn, mirror and that all important license plate on the back.
    Look safe ride safe and nobody bothers you. as long as the plate is there.
  3. Barbara J. Fiala, Commissioner
    Department of Motor Vehicles
    6 Empire State Plaza
    Albany, NY 12228

    Provide the following information to get a faster answer to your complaint:
    The date, the time, and the location where the problem occurred.
    The name of the representative and the phone number that you called if you contacted the DMV by phone.
    The number assigned to the road test examiner if your complaint is about a road test. The examiner number is listed on your road test evaluation form.
    Your name and your date of birth, the nine-digit Client ID Number from your driver license, learner permit, or non-driver photo ID card, or the plate number or Vehicle Identification Number of your vehicle.
    A phone number where the DMV can call you during the day.
    A short explanation of the problem.
    Thank you. Your comments can help the DMV to make improvements in customer services.

    Here is the Commissioner's name and address, I read that she is reasonable to some extent. Take ten minutes and a stamp, let her know we are out there. The demand for and interest in a "motor assisted bicycles" registration (as NYS DMV defines them) could be safe, easy and profitable to NYS.
  4. I got the same BS from Bert's too and they are owned by a cop. That's what gets me more than anything is, they can sell electric powered bicycles and toy stores can sell electric powered scooters/go carts/Power Wheels. But as far as the letter of the law in New York State is concerned you can't use them Anywhere but the backyard.

    In my letter, I included the comparison to the heavy emissions restriction in California. That Florida now issues a tag and it is at a reasonable cost. That this viable, safe and economic mode of travel is enjoyed by most states including California.