Any Suggestions on Increasing Low end Torque? Help me out!Help me out.

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10:39 AM
Jul 3, 2008
Philadelphia, PA
Does anyone have any suggesstions on increasing low end torque? I have a 34t sprocket, and kinda want to up my Acceleration a bit. However, I dont want to damage the engine, or sacrifice high end torque. I had a few in mind, Getting the Deluxe NSC Carburetor Kit from
, and getting a Boost Bottle. I did read a littlebit on this website, and heard cutting the exaust, etc. but I heard its not that big of a difference. Also forgot to mention my setup is really light, im light, my bike w/ engine is like 50-60lbs, and im like 135. Does anyone have any suggestions? I dont mind slight modifications, I really do wanna up my acceleration, but not sacrifice my top speed, Sofar I got up to 36 mph, and felt like I could go more but didnt, I was only on my 2nd tank, however, my engine really begins to move, and pick up NICE! after about 18mph. So anything you guys have in mind?
Not being sharp tounged

I think pedaling to 10 mph is not a bad idea. I still beat the cars off the line at stop lights. Gas assist is very cool in my opinon. Kind like the hybrid cars. I kill my engine at stop lights like the hybrids too!

Things that can increase low end torque : Shaving the head to raise compression, boost bottle, tuned intake, Tuned pipe / expansion chamber.

Hope this helps you.

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Engine modifications will probably not make as much of a difference as going with a larger rear sprocket - but then you'll lose top speed. Reality is that there is only so much you can do with a single speed system. To "have it all", I'd check out one of the shifting kits from (a sponsor here) so you can have hill pulling power along with high top speeds without over-revving and blowing up your engine. Downside is that the shifting kit will cost more than the engine kit, but as they say - "Speed costs money, how fast do you want to go?"
The others have touched on the goods. Gearing will help, no doubt. But you will still want more out of your engine.

Before you do anything else you'll need an expansion chamber with a tuned prechamber length of about 10-11 inches, maybe just a hair'll need to tune it in. Of course you'll need to match the intake manifold with the intake port and the little exhaust manifold (comes with expansion chamber) will need to be Dremel drum sanded to perfect smoothness to match the exhaust port. You'll need to make gaskets to match. Seems like work, but it's pretty fun. This junk will make your junk tingle!

Of course I'm assuming your engine is properly tuned in the first place with good NGK plug, HP wire, FULL fuel flow (not crappy valve flow), intake is sealed, etc....