Carby Any walk-through details on how to fix the WOT lean issue on 80cc carb?

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    Anyone know of one?:confused:

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    Yep -

    Go buy yourself a miniature drill bit set (.30 to 1mm) and a pin vise.

    Remove the fuel bowl and unscrew the main jet.

    Find the drill bit that fits in the existing hole, then drill it out with the next size up drill bit from the set. (use the pin vise, NOT an electric drill or you'll probably screw it up)

    After this is done, you will be able to lower the jet needle to eliminate the over-rich mid range, and still have strong WFO power with less of a chance of detonating the engine. (But I would still avoid long WFO sprints. Short bursts are fun though!)

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    I have the SBP shifter kit, and it sounds like im cruising at around 3000 rpm though im not sure.

    I just wish i could get some more mid range power to pull me up to higher rpm's. Feels like the torque band flattens out or drops right there
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    These engines sometimes run slobbery rich at mid throttle/mid RPM. Try raising the c clip on the jet needle to lean out the mid range. Your idle speed will increase and need to be lowered after this is done.

    The re-jetting is to cure lean bog at WOT and high RPM's. (You have more power at 3/4 throttle than at WOT)

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    you dont happen to have a picture of said clip do you? I just put everything together in there, i noticed a small silvery c clip, but i didnt see any notches to put it in...