Anybody bought the new slanthead 80CC motor from PowerKing yet?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Courtney Hook, May 26, 2009.

  1. Courtney Hook

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    :tt1:Just wondering if anyone has the new Slanthead 80 kit Powerking has on ebay? I bought my straighthead last year, and want to know if there's a power difference between the two and if I can put the new head on my old engine. They are also talking about their new quietest muffler yet. I wonder.

  2. Junster

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    I bought that kit, I bought it from Zoom but they are the same ppl. Mine is black with the slant head. My kit came quickly, everything was in good shape. I've only owned the one so I can't tell you about the power difference but I can tell you. Mine runs great I'm having no real problems at all. I paid $145 w/free shipping.
  3. spbwsean

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    I got the pk80 slant and it is the best MB motor Ive ever got yet (it my 4th) does have a little more power the str8 80s....more torque...i live in a very hilly area and it runs up hills much better. another bonus is that it has a large tube front mount
  4. spbwsean

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    i think you could put the new head on your old engine....i cant think of any reason you couldnt
  5. Received my slant head from zoomcycles in less than 2 weeks and in GREAT shape. Also ordered the head for my original MB.
  6. wilbur

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    How many miles do you think you can get before you have problems ?
  7. wilbur

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    Hopefully these engines dont have leaks like some of the engines out there.
  8. just installed the slant head onto my original MB. WOW!!! Pulls from idle, then when it gets on the pipe; ZOOM! It will now accellerate in top gear. Wind does not slow it down as much and it tops out around 42 MPH.
  9. wilbur

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    Sounds like a good motor .I just wonder what the police might say here in N.Y. if they see me buzzing around on one.Hey Lincoln ?,do you have a shift kit on your bike to reach that kind of speed?.
  10. Yes... I LOVE IT!!! I also have the expansion pipe. The high compression head helps the horsepower down low; then the it gets on the pipe for the upper rpm range. I already have a 2nd slant head motor from zoom bicycles. I intend to do a Boardish track racer. Something that will get my upper torso a little more horizontal for less wind resistance.
  11. Skyliner70cc

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    The high compression helped my engines in all engine speeds with more power, not just down low.