Anybody else rebuilt a Walbro carb?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by a/c man, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. a/c man

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    Just finished installing the WALBRO rebuild kit on the Ryobi 31cc. Watch out removing and reinstalling the little spring under the fuel pump lever, it's a little booger !!!.Believe me that little sucker will pop out and shoot across the room on you ,sure as heck. Everything comes with the kit, EXCEPT the spring. Spend hours looking for it, gave up, looked on line and found every conceivable part but no springs. Evidently there must be a conspiracy to sell new carbs to unknowing tinkerers like me. Anyway I hijacked another one out of a basket case weedeater in my collection(junk-pile) It runs like a champ after cleaning everything with carb cleaner and a new diaphram, needle, etc. If your 2 stroke
    trimmer, leaf blower, bike or chainsaw quits running like it used to and aggravating you to the point of wanting a new one, just get the right rebuild kit and don't throw it or pull that start cord till your arm falls off, fix it , or give it to me.

  2. Old Bob

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    You can order springs from a lawn tool repair shop.Taking one out of salvaged unit is a good idea as long as its the same color as the origianal.

    You might be able to order on line from Walbro. List price for the spring is $0.49
  3. happycheapskate

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    I wouldn't use a ryobi motor on anything if it was free. Good luck! Walbro makes some useful things though.
  4. keatonx

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    I have so many walbo carbs from blowers and weed eaters I never run out of parts for em. But I just keep my finger on the needle valve stuff to hold it in.

    My dad tried to clean the carby of his stihl blower and put the spring in sideways so the needle was always in the richest position. It would only run with barely any gas in the tank so he goes and buys a new stihl 50cc backpack blower. Then he lets me fix it and it works like new.
  5. Skyliner70cc

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    Ryobi is one of my favorites. My Ryobi powered engine/lawn products start very easy, are extremely reliable, and have never caused any problem for me. I do have to mod the carbs so I can adjust the mixture screws to lean out the low and high ends to compensate for my 6600 ASL altitude.
  6. happycheapskate

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    Ok, I take it back. If you can get it for free, and not depending on it, Ryobis are cool.

    A lot of people are using salvaged Ryobis for model airplane engines. There are lots of parts online in teh RC hobby that could help you mount a cog or roller. You can even convert them to glow plug engines.

  7. HeadSmess

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    you know what? i hate ryobi. or that type of weedeater... lots of different renames. they suck. i agree, i wouldnt use one if it was free.

    and ive got lots.

    admittedly i steal the pistons, and the carbs... theyre nice. then sell the cases etc for scrap..

    so far, i havent quite figured out how to remove the starter housing etc from the flywheel without cutting the clutch off... except on one, that for once just slipped off.

    having the starter on the same side as the output, using a single end crank, using those stupid screws... they just stink.
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    My current weed whacker is a Ryobi that I dug out of the neighbor's trash can. It always starts easily, is plenty powerful enough, and you can't beat the price.
    The reason it was thrown out? The recoil spring on the pull start was not retracting the pull cord. All it needed was a little quality penetrating oil and now it works as it should.
    I have since replaced the fuel lines and fuel filter on it too.

    As for removing the clutch shoe retainer from the crankshaft, It simply unscrewed from the crankshaft. I cannot recall if it was a left or right hand thread though.
  9. a/c man

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    This ryobi still starts right up and screams it's little a$$ off !

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    That was the exact same weed wacker I have.