Sprockets Anybody ever have this happen??

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by ua2pants, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. ua2pants

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    has anybody had this happen before?? and what could possibly have caused this?

    no, it was not loose

    very tight fit, spun freely when installed then locked up one day

    kept it lubricated plenty

    was true with the chain

    besides those, what could have caused this??

  2. ua2pants

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    so everyone knows if they don't see it right away, it's cracked the entire way through the threaded area, through the body and through the lock ring..
  3. 074KU

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    I had the same lockup and crack happen from using a 48cc (lightweight) freewheel on a 66cc engine, it was explained to me that the bearing could not take the increased torque load. I cannot say this IS what happened but I would suggest this as a possible cause, the bearing just wasn't up to the job.
  4. OCCStingray

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    Forgive me but is that a freewheel on that sprocket?
  5. Fabian

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    That sort of thing never would have happened with a White Industries Heavy Duty Freewheel.

    You get what you pay for.
  6. ua2pants

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    Yes it is, its what you need to use if you're going to be using a shift kit so your pedals don't spin with the motor or wheel.

    I have to agree, I'm currently saving up to get the HD freewheel from SBP. Or would it be cheaper to get it directly from WI?
  7. 074KU

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    I attempted to locate these freewheels some years back independently from SBP (after being a cheapskate and having the OP's issue happen to me) and for the life of me couldn't find them.
    I would suggest if you could find them they would be cheaper as there is no "middle man" to deal with. However they are listed on SBP as being "made exclusively for Sick Bike Parts by White Industries."


    If you happen to find a source for these outside of SBP it would be nice to know of as those freewheels cost more than an entire wheel bearing kit for my little fourby. (although I am happy to support the guys that "invented" these kits.)
  8. Fabian

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    If you get the Deluxe Shift Kit, you not only get the White Industries Freewheel but you also get all of the useful tools to maintain your bike; which works out to be a significant cost saving if having to individually purchase these items.

    The other issue is that of shipping cost, because once you factor in the $10 or more of shipping from White Industries (if they would even sell the freewheel to you) there would be no cost saving.

    The way things are, SickBikeParts is becoming a one-stop-shop for just about everything. If only they could redesign and make improvements to the Nuvinci Hub for motorized bicycle use.

    Hopefully they are getting a move-on with their replica GT LTS heavy wall steel frame.
  9. 074KU

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    Yeah I ended up buying the HD shift kit before they made the Deluxe and would go with one of those if I were to purchase another. In regards to Nuvinci Hubs I believe the Shimano Alfine hubs work quite well, however they are planetary gearbox not CVT.

  10. OCCStingray

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    Would someone post me a photo of one of these kits installed please?
  11. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Right hand side


    Left hand side

  12. OCCStingray

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    Cheers mate.