Anybody go camping?

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    I like to travel - did a Louisiana to Portland, Oregon run in Aug of last year. Stayed there a week, then came back via Glacier Nat'l Park, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, couple of nat'l recreation areas in Utah and western Wyoming/Colorado, ran the Alpine Lakes Scenic Byway, then down through the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, south through Telluride, then through Mesa Verde Na'l Park, and home via Publo, CO, and across Oklahoma. I slept in my car about half the nights, which really isn't terribly comfortable, nor good for my health (I'm diabetic, severe neuropathy in my legs), and I ended up with an infected wound on the ball of my left foot which put me in the hospital upon my return.

    Anyway, I drive a Toyota Corolla, which will take a Class I hitch only. I decided I wanted a camper trailer, but found out that 1) they ain't cheap; and 2) they start at around 1,200 lbs. My car won't handle that.

    So, I looked around, found a decent little trailer frame with a 1,000 lb capacity ($259 @ Harbor Freight), and designed a folding camping platform/storage compartment to put on it. I figure on about a 700 lb total weight, ready to roll. It's not as wide as my car, nor (when folded) is it as tall as my trunk lid.

    When folded for towing, it is 4' x 8', which is plenty of room for me to put my three-wheeler on (when I get that built); opened out it provides a stable 8' x 8' tent platform with a pull out cooking station, and lots of storage.

    I did all of the design using SketchUp (great tool, and free), and LF has already see the results on another forum. I am in the process of acquiring the materials, and hope to have it road-ready by summer. Should save a good bit on travel expenses (bye-bye, motels), and be a lot more comfortable, to boot. Thought I'd share the idea, if anyone is interested.
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  2. That's so wikedly cool. How's it coming along?

    We can't use image tags here,btw. It's because we have members here on dial up.
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    Progressing slowly, unfortunately. I was hospitalized again in February for my foot (wound got re-infected), but it is healed closed now, finally.
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    It does sound like a cool set up.

    I make my living out on the road. I drive a Ford pickup with a super cab. One night I was in a truck stop and I watched a big truck pull in and stop. I was tired and, I think, still had some ways to go that night. I watched this guy and thought "wouldn't it be nice to just pull in, shut off the engine and hop in bed?"
    Then I started thinking about the space just behind my seat. When I got home from that trip I pulled everything out and converted it into a bunk. It's been working great. It's a bit crowded. I'm 6 ft, but I'm also on the slim side, so it works. I sleep at truck stops. In the morning I go in and for $10.00 I can get a shower in what amounts to a private bathroom, cleaned with each individual use. And when I come out there's an immediate cup of coffee or breakfast if I want it. And it's a lot like camping in many ways. I don't miss those motels at all, though I do stay in them quite a bit during the summer for the sake of air-conditioning.

    I also like conventional camping a lot. But that takes more preparation and commitment. This is an excellent compromise.