Anybody have any Ideas on a suicide shifter

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  1. Been debating on making a suicide shifter on a motorized bicycle like the old harley's and pre ww2 bikes.Don't know How or If It's possible.Just thought It would be cool to do and would like to hear anybody's Input .Good Or bad,On this.2 stroke or 4 stroke.Don't matter to me.

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    I made a board track racer a few years ago with a suicide shifter(it was not a shifter it was a hand clutch that looked like a suicide shifter) and worked really well but it was kind of not very safe but it was lots of fun:rolleyes7:
    BUT it didint lasted long, i taken it all apart to paint it and in the same week i had to move house.Now you can guess what happened to all the small ball bearing, bolts and nuts! Never found then anymore:icon_cry:
    I have started another one and now im doing it right! im not moving house and i will be my new baby(no suicede shifter(clutch) in this one)
    So at the conclusion would be:
    Suicide shifters can be tricky and messy but they look awsome in almost anything:D
    AND about the engine, i dont thing you will need a suicide shifter in a motored bike because none of the engines used on then have buid in gears to change(you would if you use a sick bike shifter kit) so there ids no point in using one i think because you really dont want to take your hands off the handle bars in the middle of the traffic to change gears or to release the clutch:rolleyes7:
    Good luck with what you thinking in doing
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    here is a good picture of an old bike with suicide shifter:D

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  4. You make a good point In being dangerous to shift In traffic.
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    i have a suicide shifter on my bike. i do use it around town, actually city. i have lots of practice with it and got quite good at riding with 1 hand. but still extremely dangerous and not really recommended. this mb is set up for top speed. it is awesome on back country roads. it sports a 36 tooth sprocket. i biult another mb , a chopper with more usable power. bigger sproket with a 24 inch back tire for around town/city, also has a regular clutch. lol but it is still hard to stay off the board traker! the suicide clutch i use has been fail proof thus far. i check it often but seems very sturdy. there is many pics of it on my page. let me know if u have any questions
  7. 5 Speed Suicide Shifter

    I made a suicide shifter for my motorbike Chelsea. I took a Schwinn 5 speed thumb shifter which was constructed completely of aluminum and bolted a shifter arm to it. I used the 5 speed cassette as my "tranny"
    This goes under the tank and there is a gear selector track that is mounted on the side of the gas tank (tank was removed to paint) and I have a knob that goes on I took from an old lawn mower
    I'll post pictures of the tank attached here once the tank is finished being painted

    Tomorrow I plan to use my CAD Laser Engraver/Cutter to cut out a wooden plate that shows where the gears are to be glued on. I havn't tested this, but I've seen people use rear cassettes so I assume it will work

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    suside shifter.jpg This is a bike I built this winter. It has a suicide shifter. It shifts the belt to 9 different ranges. It was put on the right side so that you HAVE to release the throttle to shift(has a centrifgual clutch). Works really sweet!
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    I just love the "look" of a suicide shifter