Anybody heard of these guys?

Discussion in 'Spare Parts, Tools & Product Developement' started by pontiac40, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. pontiac40

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    well that's cool pontiac40

    which model did you buy ?

    seems that they may be a little expensive
    but noted -- many nice features

    have fun as you ride that thing
  3. pontiac40

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    Mountainman, I got the Jackshaft Roadster (Schwinn Searcher). Yeah you are right, they are a little on the steep side.

    Rich, who is the ownwer seemed like a nice guy with a mechanical engineering background. Problem I have is that as much as I would love to, I don't have the time to put one together. I will post my experience with them.

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  4. Mountainman

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    when that baby comes in

    nothing wrong with wanting to just get one and get on that THING and ride
    nice looking MB
    let us know how it rides when that baby comes in

    ride that thing
  5. lordoflightaz

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    A little bit pricey, I think buying retail every thing they listed on the that first bike (Schwinn Searcher) is under $600 so $350 in labor is a bit much.

    On the other hand $350 could be a bargin. Nice to know they have an actual address. It would be cool to go down to a showroom and see sine bikes.
  6. pontiac40

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    Sure thing.
  7. I really think that is a fair price with all the work done into building them right enough for the builder to trust enough that the buyer will have an enjoyable experience. And they gotta pay the bills.
    Under a grand,own shop and a shift kit.
    I've seen much higher prices without Pablo's shift kit.
    The Motorcycle Institute certified mechanics is a cute touch.
  8. pontiac40

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    Agreed, I would say about $250-$350 depending on where you buy the parts and engine.

    I can't comment much about there workmanship yet since I don't have the bike yet but I will let you folks know. The one fact I really liked about the owner was the fact that he is a formaly trained Mechanical engineer and also a certified Motorcycle mechanic. The jury is still out though.
  9. biketec

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    I know Rich, Hes a really good guy and stands behind his products he gets alot of his stuff from me. I would have to say that you made a very wise choice in purchasing that bike. That's not our motor in that particular pic but like I said he will stand behind his work. Ill vouch for him any day!
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    I agree with the others - $350 for assembly is a bargain, especially considering the jackshaft system.

    For people who are not mechanically inclined, installing a Happy Time kit can be frustrating because it is very rare to be able to just bolt it on without any modifications whatsoever. The ones willing to invest in the effort can buy a bike from the thrift shop, and add a HT engine for little cash.
  11. pontiac40

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    Arcee, in my case, I actually wanted to do the installation but time became the limiting factor. So in my case it was what I paid for my time.
  12. pontiac40

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    Here it is

    Finally got it assembelled:

    Adjusted the derailer (Was not shifting correctly)
    Trued up the wheels
    Adjusted the brakes
    Adjusted the clutch
    Added the bike carrier
    Changed out the fuel petcock (Using SBP one know)
    Tightened the main drive chain

    I also noticed that the main drive chain was jumping at a particular location, further investigation revealed that the the master chain link studs were rubbing against the chain gaurd and were getting kind of hung up. I changed the direction of the master link and all was ok.

    While adjusting the the clutch the lock bolt (that locks the wire) broke inside the clutch lever, it was made of really crappy metal. I ended up retapping the hole to 10-32 threads and using a nice hex 10-32 bolt. I also supported it by using a hobby wheel collar lock, worked really well. If anybody needs pictures and part #'s, please let me know.

    It's a blast to ride, still breaking it in. The SBP shifter kit is great.

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  13. eastwoodo4

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    very nice.i really like those shift kits.very clean!
  14. TheNorm

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    I've had good luck dealing with Rich on several purchases. One time his supplier screwed something up and he spotted it and fixed it on the spot. Saved me a lot of hassle as I wouldn't have known what the **** was wrong.

    His bikes are very nice looking. If I was going to buy something ready-made I wouldn't hesitate to buy it from Rich.