Anybody in Alabama ???

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    Speaking of bargains...some thread I saw mention of where to get a different style of gas tank. I saw this article pop up last week:

    Stores have had to pull those small "kids under 12" bikes and carts off the floor, stash in the back, waiting for an exemption that probably is NOT coming from the gov't, because of lead paint.

    I'll bet the inventory of these small motorcycles somehow get on the e-bay/craiglist market at steep discounts.

    If somebody lives near one of those stores that sell these "toys", maybe they could ask about the potential discount.

    Motorcycle's Lead Law Pain: New Rule Hurts Bike Companies

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    I Think we got

    some worse problems in this country than paint !!!!!
    Like the whole fricken country is going down the crapper !!!!
    and were worried about paint !!!!
    Iam starting to get worried !!!:snobby: