Anybody know about Chinese Hua Sheng F142 49cc 4 stroke engine

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Irish John

I want to know if anyone has had lengthy experience with the Chinese Hua Sheng F142 49cc 4 stroke engine because I am getting one and I need to know if it vastly inferior to the Honda GXH 50 or nearly as good or even better than.
I really don't want to waste a lot of time installing it if it is engineered like the HT motor.
I'd be grateful for any feedback.
I replaced the diaphragm in the up draft carb a couple of days ago. Other than that the engine has performed well. I bought this engine for the purpose of beating it up I wanted to see how good they were. I have heard reports of valves being tight when purchased a minor adjustment. I run synthetic oil. I think the fact these are copies of the Honda gives them a little more reliability than if they were straight Chinese design.
I think your right nsideous. I've done 1100 kms now and it is a very nice motor. It has none of the quality fade that the HTs had and I'm very pleased with it. Pity it can't pull up hills like the 70cc HT - my legs ache with the pedalling but on the flat it flies. My estimation is that a 50 - 52 tooth sprocket would suit it best. The 56T is too slow. The 44T was totally hopeless on hills but lightening on the flat 63 km\hr I got without trying too hard. Now I have a 48T cos that's all I've got but very slightly larger would be better on hills. even the 56T wasn't that good on hills - the 70cc HT with a 44T pulled much better. Swings and roundabouts I guess.
I've been using the 44t sprocket and...

woodruff key slot chipped on the output shaft.
I knew not to use the 44t on this F142/ JLgearbox combo but the engine held up great!

After tearing the "JL gearbox" off, I couldn't believe how quiet the F142 was still. All this time I was thinking the valve lash was way off.

Time to replace the output shaft :)
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Got mine last August. No problems at all. Runs good and I have not done any tweaking or adjusting of anything. The factory valve lash was the same as for the Honda GXH50 so I figured it would be OK. A nice quiet smooth little engine with no oil leaks.

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