Anybody Make Front Wheel Drive?

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by mark2yahu, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. mark2yahu

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    I've looked at several Bike Bugs, and all of them needed parts that are no longer around. It would be nice if Staton, GEBE, or Dax could develop a front wheel drive mount system similar to a Big Bug.

  2. Esteban

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    There is a dealer who can supply about any part you need for the old Bike Bugs, etc. I have his website but cannot find it right now. His name is Mike Schneider . Also, Staton & a few others have kits that will work on front wheel drive.
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    So far as I know the GEBE kits can be made to work FWD although that is alot of weight over the front wheel...

    What are you planning and why do you need FWD specifically?

    Jemma xx
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  5. mark2yahu

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    Hi JemmaUK, I've got an old Specialized mtn bike from the '80's. The frame is one of those Trials/Rock hopping ones, so it's got a shallow "draft." The rear axle is very lightly made, while the front axle has all the sturdiness and heavy metal. So I thought a front wheel drive would do.

    Esteban, that's great :) I needed that BikeBug link. Thanks :)
  6. Esteban

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    If I am not mistaken, the latter Bike Bug [ also called Aqua Bug, Free Sprit, & other names ] that had a large white shroud over the engine,, had a clutch, so you didn't have to engage & disengage the motor to keep it from stalling.Many times you see these kits on the " Bay " & they sell for $75-150. They are MUCH better than the cheap Chinese kits !
  7. mark2yahu

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    Esteban, those would be ideal for the front wheel :) I guess I'll be looking out for a good one.
  8. augidog

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    info from golden eagle site

    "*** Front Wheel Install for Trikes: (Please specify Front wheel mount when ordering). Requies several modifications to a stock order.

    Engine would be installed on an engine bracket, turning engine 10 degrees, to allow easier access when fueling the engine's gas tank - no additional charge.
    We would drill and tap a bolt hole on the back of the bracket, for attachment of front mount strap - no additional charge. When mounted on rear wheel, front strap is only to prevent engine from rolling off the back wheel - front wheel installation, strap would stabilize engine, holding mount securely to prevent engine pushing against front forks.
    small service-charge to shorten throttle cable approximately 2 feet - a lot of extra cable could easily become snagged; wrapping excess cable up to prevent it being snagged on something, would remove all throttle free play, engine would constantly over-rev."
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  9. mark2yahu

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    Wow augidog, I didn't know GEBE could do that :) There's no better MB company out there I think.

    I might have to use a different project bike than the one I've got and scratch the fwd idea. I have a spare GEBE drive wheel and I test-fitted it to the front. The forks won't clear it :(
  10. TheBadBunny

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    Will the GeBe front-wheel mount work with a mountain bike that has a shock fork and V brakes? I would assume it wouldn't work with the shocks, but I thought I'd ask.

  11. augidog

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    well...let's pretend we believe we can do'd have to look closely, is there physical room to install the gebe drivering? no? if ya still wanna do it, you'll have to go looking for a fork, i'm sure it exists. prolly a downhiller fork. yes it does fit? ok, good, what's next? can we get it to ride with the suspension? the answer to that one IS yes, but you'll have to do that believing thing again. consider swapping the v-brakes for a sturmey-archer drum, grind the v-brake "studs" off, use the cross-bracket for the mount "anchoring" strap.

    you want it to work? then make it work :cool:

    me? i believe i can put 2 factory-matched gebe-drivetrains on the same bike. dare me, & i'll put 3 on a trike.
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  12. Mary

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    OK, Aug, I dare ya :p
  13. augidog

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    i guess you missed my "disclaimer" mary :)
  14. mark2yahu

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    For those interested, I made some measurements of the GEBE drive wheel and rear bicycle wheel joined together.

    Frame Clearance:
    Utilizing rear wheel mount (or front wheel), the GEBE drive wheel sticks out 1.25 inches from the center line (of the wheel) towards its outer edge (which is to the left). That means your fork or your rear frame must have a little more than 1.25" of clearance from dead center to the fork or frame, so that there is no rubbing of the drive wheel against the frame or fork. More is better.

    I made another measurement:
    The GEBE drive wheel, when mounted on to a 36 spoke, 26" wheel, the distance from the wheel's inside surface (where the spokes come out) to the outer edge of the GEBE drive wheel is 2.5 inches. This measurement is important, because you have to go 2.5 inches down and measure the frame clearance from there.

    Using spacers, I was able to achieve adequate clearance on my project bike (see pic gallery).

    Side note: It's preferable to switch to 5/8" nutted axles to support the engine mount brackets. Quick-release axles may or may not have enough length to accomodate the engine mount brackets; plus, they're skinny compared to 5/8".
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  15. mark2yahu

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    Suspension Forks: Rock Shocks/Manitou's

    :cool:Robert, it will work if your fork will clear the drive wheel. Take a measurement from your wheel's centerline (where the spokes come out of the rim), to the inside surface of your left fork. If you have over 1 1/4" of clearance, it can be done.

    You also should have the nutted axle instead of the quick-release. GEBE sells a pair of nutted axles.