anybody making bigger tanks

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    Is there anybody making custom tanks and selling them? The main thing I hate about my tank is the ugly lip on the edge where the put the two halfs together. I dont have a welder so I was wondering if anybody is making them to sell.

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    not that i know of, but you don't need a welder to make a cool gas tank.
    You can find dummy gas tanks on e-bay sometimes.
    If you get a steel one that has gaps, holes and seams in it, you can fill them by using silver solder, flux and a propane torch. You just have to pressure test it with air and water to make sure that there's no leaks.
    you can also find plastic dummy tanks that will go over the stock gas tanks.
    you can find plastic real gas tanks to take place of the stoick tank.
    It all depends on what you want to do and what you want it to look like.
    Another good source is minibike gas tanks because they are small, already done but they can be expensive to buy.
    Just do a quick search on e-bay for minibike gas tank, minichopper gas tank, pocket bike gas tank, vintage snowblower, vintage lawnmower...there are tons of possibilities.
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    The first Chinese company to adopt a line of classic tanks on their kits will rule the Motor0world world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The first Chinese company to adopt a line of classic tanks on their kits will rule the MotoredBike world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Still Looking

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    Regarding tank

    I can custom build anything you can dream up. Shoot me a pm and let me know what you want to do. My mAterial of pref is alum but plastic can be done too. Here is the catch, the first tank will take time and won't be cheap.
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    RockSolidEngines do a 2 Litre one over the standard 1.5L ($30 AUS + postage), Piratecycles have a large barrel-style classic one that'll set you back 250 big ones + postage, apart from that, go to a motorbike store and see what you can find, I know I'm going to soon because I'm getting sick of my tank leaking as well, and even with a new fuel tap that was supposed to stop leaks, it still loses about 1 drip per half hour from the tap.

    The tank that came standard on my Atomik dirt bike is 4 Litres, and doesn't leak anywhere near as much as the 2 strokes', I'm thinking of getting one of those if I can find one that will fit on the top tube.

    Another easy solution would be to get a luggage rack for the back wheel, and buy any old fuel tank for a lawnmower and clamp it on the rack, and run some fuel tube up to the carb, but I don't really want to have a luggage rack on my bike, so not for me.
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    here's a real simple solution (to me anyway), providing that you are willing / capable of making this an actual functional gas tank.
    go on e-bay and look for one of these tanks (it's off of a jesse james west coast chopper bicycle).
    I picked mine up for $7.00 plus $8.00 shipping and it looked like this when i got it.
    they are made of pretty thick steel and they are very hefty.

    now, you will have to be able to weld, braze or silver solder all of the holes and gaps closed to seal the tank up. after stripping the whole tank to bare metal, I used silver solder and a propane torch (you will need to use acid flux for the solder to stick.)

    then you will have to cut a hole in the top for a gas cap. I used a push in oil fill cap for a car valve cover. it has a rubber plug on the back side and it seals well in the hole that i made. I drilled a small hole in the top of the cap for a vent, and covered it with a pewter skull that has open eyes so the vent actually works.

    you will have to pressure test the tank with compressed air and water to check for leaks. once you have it all sealed up, you can procede with making it a functional tank.

    I then ground down all of the ugly welds that were on the front of the tank and filled the area with bondo.

    I drilled 2 holes in the lowest points on the rear of the tank (one hole per side) and i soldered in 2 peices of copper tubing to make fuel line outlets. you have to put one tube in each side of the tank because the tunnel inside wil not allow gas to go from one side of the tank to the other.

    Once the bondo was all smoothed out (i sightly re-shaped the front of the tank), it's ready for primer and paint.
    here it is next to a 66 triumph bonneville tank for size comparison.

    Once you get a couple of good coats of primer on it, you can paint it.
    I used 5 coats metallic black laquer, 5 coats of clear, wetsanded and buffed out.

    to hook up the fuel lines, you will need to get a T fitting so you can run the 2 lines into the single carb inlet. Use a single in-line fuel shut off valve after the T fitting, and 2 inline fuel filters before the T fitting.

    I repainted this tank meatllic silver with pearl clear this summer and here's how it looks now.

    here's another one i did for an actual jesse james chopper pedal ike. There was no need to seal this tank all up, but i did grind down the front welds, smooth it all out and add a fake gas cap to it.
    This one has 5 coats of metallic orange laquer over a silver base color, and 5 coats of clear laquer.

    you can do anything you want if you use your imagination. A gas tank doesn't necessarily have to start life as an actual gas tank.
    you can pretty much make anything into a gas tank as long as the material is impervious to gasoline.
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    I have already looked for the jesse James tank and couldnt find one if you know a place I can let me know

    MOTOMTB Member

    Nice work

    And if it's not impervious to gasoline, you can coat it with a liquid gas tank liner.

    Nice work Motorpsycho.
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    yeah there is a liquid that you can pour into a "gas tank" that will line it and seal it.
    It's like an epoxy type rubber and guys who restors old motorcycles use iton tanks that have a lot of rust inside.
    I think it's called por 15 or something like that.
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    'KREEM' is one brand