Anybody using a Bayview Cruiser?!!!!

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  1. I was just flipping around on Target's website, looking for a motorbike candidate and found the Bayview Cruiser. ( full details)

    Has anyone tried to use this bike as a starting point? Since it is an online-only bike, I can't go to the store and take measurements like I would prefer. The one bar looks like it might be a bit of an issue with a plug but I think if I used an angle-plug head, everything might fit well. the seat seems lower and the rear bars are definitely lower. that's exactly what I'm looking for. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Great looking starter bike. This (first picture) is my latest cruiser build. Studying the difference, it sure appears that a HT will fit. Although I feel that with that one and mine that you will have to do a front mount mod to get it above the chain guard. On my first cruiser I moded the chain guard, and didn't like the way it came out. Second picture is my third build, and my first on a cruiser.

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  3. thanks for the info AL. Great looking bike you've got. What kit did you go with and what size engine did you get? How do you like it? Can you give me a close up of your front engine mount?

    I actually just ordered a Cranbrook online at Wal-mart. Turns out that Target wouldn't ship it to the store and the shipping was going to cost almost as much as the cost of the Cranbrook Fashion that I purchased!

    Wal-Mart is having it delivered directly to a local store for free. That means a lot to me so far as customer service. I decided to go with the Fashion version because the frame is black. I don't care for the green fenders but they're going to go away anyways. I'll wind up repainting the chain guard. I plan on doing a build thread on the bike when I get it. I hope it looks as cool in reality as what I've got pictured in my head.