Anybody using KingsMotorBikes CDI?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by MrHungwell94, May 28, 2015.

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    I've been using KingsMotorBikes performance CDI for a little bit and so far I like it, but the website is extremely non-descriptive about it. I mean anything is better than the stock CDI, and this one is only $20 compared to $10 for a worthless piece of junk or forking over like $70 bucks or more for either a Jaguar or HD Lightning CDI (I have never owned either btw). I like that it has a separate coil with a good quality boot and cap, but other than this, does anyone have more info about this CDI and how it compares to others?

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    looked at the site - I see a $10 standard CDI & a $10 part that looks like some type of coil - no idea what that part is used for or how it hooks up to anything
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    that link makes more sense, thanx - was unaware of these & hoping someone with more info will read in

    seems that all power is still from rotor, so any advantage would be from better spark timing and better power loss control
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    CDIs have two functions
    1. produce a good spark
    2. produce the spark at the right time which changes with RPM. Graphing that result gives you the "timing curve"

    It's silly to buy something like a CDI without knowing essential specifics. They don't post a graph of its timing curve? What is this, 2016 or the stone age?
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    So simple even a caveman could do it.