Anyone A Blues Fan

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  1. My wife And I are big blues Fans..We don't go out to eat or see Movies much But when there Is a blues Show Going on We never Miss it.
    my Wife Carmen is a HUGE Keb Mo fan.
    He came to Connecticut And Made Carmen One Happy girl. Carmen's the girl Dancing in the video Off to the Left.(Keb' Mo'She Just Wants To Dance")

    If your A keb Mo fan you may enjoy the Videos As well.



  2. TwoWalks

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    Cool Video Bob

    Being a Carmen fan, it was great seeing her dance and being accompanied by Keb Mo :grin:
  3. astring

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    I like a jazz blues funk player named Grant Green
  4. alex

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    My favorite movie is the blues brothers

    "Where's my cheese-whiz boy?"

    "Yeah I'll take two whole fried chickens and a coke."
    "And I'll take some plain white toast."

    I can recite every line from that movie.
  5. Joe Noonan

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    B.B. King is awsome live. He tells stories and it feels really personal.
  6. Hey! That Keb Mo guy is pretty good.
    I'm so into John lee Hooker. That's one dude I wish I can bring back from the dead.
  7. Joe Noonan

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    I'd bring back Gandi. Or Jimi Hendrix or a combanation of the aforementioned.
  8. spyke hyzer

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    "I got a full tank of gas,half pack of cigarettes,it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it"
  9. DetonatorTuning

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    Hey Large you got a copy of Hooker and Heat ? john lee and the canned heat boys with allan wilson on harp. AWESOME old school


  10. Canned heat.!!!

    i know a excellent guitarist that played wit those guys back in the day.

    Walters Trout.


    I'm a big fan of Walter

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  11. Feng

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    HUGE blues fan, here. I like all music in or near blues as well: jazz, funk, big band, disco, zydeco even dixieland.

    Keb Mo was just in town, I missed the concert.

    Ah well.
  12. I was in Tulsa Saturday listening to Leon Russell and glad to report he hasn't lost a thing. Tulsa is his home town and he let it all hang out. His lead guitar was awesome also