Anyone actually registered bike as moped?


Oct 24, 2020
Yeah i know the laws is f'd up.
Whining dont help.

Also know police dont really seem to care about the m/b, but that can change on a dime if it gets on their radar for some reason.

So if you got a state that requires registration and VIN.
Theres a procedure for mfg statement of origin and VIN
- Receipts, bill of sale for all parts used , and a form
- inspection
- emission test (EPA or CARB approved would fly)
- insurance
- motorcycle endorsement on license

Has anyone actually EVER done this for MSO ??? most of the threads I could find had people who inquired and basically gave up.

Old Busted Hotness

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Jul 2, 2018
I did it in Ohio. Had to get a supervisor at the BMV to even figure out what I was trying to do. They made up a VIN and sold me a plate. Wasn't too painful, by the standards of dealing with the BMV.


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Apr 9, 2018
I passed 3 cops within the last 2 days. The key is to start pedalling if you do they tend to look straight instead of at you. I saw a Pa state trooper turning infront of me and started the pedals. 4 strokes are quieter by design though.


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Jul 9, 2016
@Tyler6357 has his bike registered in California, and it seems as simple as filling out a form and mailing it in with a check or money order then your plate comes in a few weeks.
I've been meaning to plate my bike, still haven't gotten around to it. Best part about a plate is now there is no reason to get pulled over unless you are speeding, salmoning (driving in the bike lane on the wrong side) or driving like an ass in any other way. Use hand signals for turns and avoid wheelies.
As long as you have a plate and obey all traffic laws, you don't need a license or insurance... if you are illegally pulled over and can prove it, then anything else found is dismissible in court. Now if you plan on rolling stop signs or speeding, then it's best to get everything required :p.

Axl Myk

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Jul 11, 2020
A few weeks ago I was tooling up a main road in this county. A State Trooper sat at the light right next to me. No prob.
If I ever do get asked I'll just say I might not keep the motor on this bike.


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Sep 28, 2011
To get your bike registered in CA you will have to spend $21 to get your registration and license plate. There are no renewal fees or stickers, it's good for the life of your bike. To register fill out sections 1,2 and 5 of form: Reg 230, sign it, send payment and mail it to the address on the form---->

When filling out the form use the serial number of your bicycle as the vehicle identification number (VIN). Also, since most of the 2 stroke 'china girl' engines have no serial number stamped on them when the DMV form asks for the engine serial number, it is acceptable to use the bicycle serial number and put an "E" in front of it in the spot on the form for engine number. "E" stands for engine. If the engine ever fails and you want to put a new one on your bike, you will not need to change your DMV registration. Leave the CA license plate spot blank, they will fill in a number once they assign one to you. Okay, that's it, send it in, wait 3 weeks, license plate and reg will arrive in the mail, no need to bring your bike to the DMV or anything, no inspections required.
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Dec 19, 2008
Michigan $15 for 3 years Moped sticker . 100cc and under no gears proof of purchase. One of the easiest states to get registered for sure.


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Oct 27, 2020
Been riding in Ohio for a few years with no registration. I was pulled over once (ran a red light at about 5am). Officer never mentioned registration and but said he radared me at 25mph. Again no problem.

Anyhow, to get to the point: I recently reviewed Ohio law and discovered my bike needs to be registered to be legal. I googled how to register motorized bicycle Ohio and a pdf application for it came up. It wants a vin number, so I used the serial number stamped on the bottom of the frame where the pedal crank passes through (who knew?) The price quoted was $21 I think but after taxes and fees, it came to $42 and change. But now I'm the proud bearer of an Ohio license plate on my Schwinn bike. For a year, that is. I will attempt to attach the pdf application for any Ohio riders who want to be legal.


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