Anyone ever lose a pedal?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Oddzball, May 16, 2011.

  1. Oddzball

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    So, first time taking my bike on a long road trip, and when i was ALMOST there, my peddle felt funny, and 2 seconds later it came off, in the middle of traffic. Well, lucky for me i didnt have to stop and start peddling again, but the pedal was lost. I DID go back and get it, but it had gotten thrashed by car tires and the bolt on the end was bent all to heck.

    So locktite your peddles in the lesson i guess.

    In a related story, the local bike shop which was a few blocks down refused to work on my bike because it had a motor on it. And home was still 8 miles away, so i ended up going osmewhere else, getting a peddle, and bumming a wrench off a motorcyclist.

    Fun times though i guess.

  2. Sup, Yeah I haven't had any issues with my pedals since I bought these pedals from my old black plastic pedals were lame, my foot kept slipping off as I pedalled and :ack2:my foot would scrape the street! Not now, and they look sick!

    Check out my pics I think I got a snap of my pedals.
    Good luck!
  3. DuctTapedGoat

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    I don't get how they could come off - they're threaded in a direction that allows them to tighten while you're pedaling.
  4. Happy Valley

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    It can happen, despite being counter-threaded. It happened to my son once because he put them on without really tightening them down and one worked loose on a long ride without noticing it and then off completely.
  5. rustycase

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    in a land not so far, or long ago...

    Way back when loctite was not available in designer colors, triumph motorcycle riders had probs with the hi-speed vibration loosening all sorts of fasteners and parts and pieces falling off while on the road.
    They discovered 3m weatherstrip adhesive helped resolve the embarrassing problem of not making it home with a complete motorcycle.
    FF to the present day...
    Most the triumphs are gone.
    Motorcycles don't vibrate.
    But I'm still a cheapskate!

    Much of the last work I dun did was as a house painter.
    Still got a flock of partial cases of painter's latex caulking hangin around.

    A bit of it smeared on the threads will discourage the part from coming loose.
    It's NOT as tough as purpose made loctite at 10 times the price, but you can unthread easily when the time comes. It's not for the hot stuff!

    Clean off any excess with a damp rag and you'll never know it was applied.

    Yah, this is only for the cheepo skinflints like me out there in MBlandia.
  6. motorpsycho

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    i've never had a part fall off or come loose on my triumph. I've never had to use loc-tite or anything else on any of the bolts either.

  7. SlugMan

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    My peddle has come loose before. Now, I (red) LockTight EVERYTHING!
  8. Beautiful Trumpet, psycho. I've never had a pedal loosen, but then I tighten all fastners on my bikes........tight!
  9. retromike3

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    pedals and other bolts

    I used to own a bike shop and I think you don't have to worry to much about the pedals coming off because of the vibration from the motor. I have been running these things for about three years now and never had a problem with a pedal. I have had all kinds of other bolts come loose though. I just had my gas tank come loose and at the same time noticed that the front bolt that was holding my front fender to the fork was coming loose.

    If you put a lot of force on the pedal when you put it on(they make extra long wrenches just for pedals) they don't go anywhere. I have had a good number of people come into my shop with pedals that came off and stripped the threads while they came out. there is a insert you can buy that lets you tap out the old arm and puts in a new shim tso you can put your old pedal back into place. They do come off more than once but I would not blame it on your engine.

  10. rustycase

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    That's a real nice Bonny, Rob!
    R U sure? :)
  11. cpuaid

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    I bought an old motorized Wallyworld Huffy cruiser that had both peddles that kept falling off. The genius stripped the threads in the crank arm then epoxied the peddles back on when he sold me the bike. The bike was pedal start only so every now and then as you start it, the pedals would come off. I removed the crank and took it to the LBS for repair but they couldn't salvage it. Had to buy a whole new crank. So yeah, loctite the peddles if you have a cheap Wallyworld bike.
  12. HseLoMein

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    Ive had pedals and entire cranks come off while riding, is was the vibration. You should hoark those pedals and crank nuts down before riding, and locktite them
  13. Cyclelogic83

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    Ive never had a pedal fall off myself, but a few weeks ago a friend had whole left side crank arm fall off at about 45kmph!!
    3 of us walking back and forth in the area for 45 mins in just above ankle high grass and we still couldnt find it!!! It must have travelled further into the paddock (roadside) then what we thought it would??
  14. RFlash

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    Yep, I recently had that little plastic cap save my pedal too, stopped the arm being lost in traffic, so keep those as well. Doesn't take long to go from a wobble to falling off.