Anyone ever ride a '20s boardtrack bike?

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    When I was a kid (second grade) my dad bought me one of those bikes. We lived in the country. I look back and wonder if my dad was nuts? I don't remember what he paid for it, maybe 5 dollars ( the multiple for the fed. reserve IOUs is about ten of the current ones to one back then).

    No brakes were ever on it.
    Wood rims.
    Racing leather seat.
    One gear - real high.
    No freewheel- the sprocket was locked to the hub. If you wanted to stop- you had to try to pedal against the rotation of the crank. I think it had those miserable toe clips too- terrible for trying to get going or stopping. Especially for a little kid.
    Tubular, high pressure tires w/ no tread (tires were very expensive- I think, 2 dollars, 50 cents- had to buy a new one at Western Auto (they still could get them in the mid-50s, but dad was ticked off at having to pay so much for one). The bike was very light though. fast, but REAL hard to pedal.
    Remember, that this was before the english lightweight bikes became popular, so regular bikes were tanks compared to this.
    I did ride it some, but being the tinkerer that I always was, decided to clean the chain with the bike flipped over and spin the wheel.
    Did it real wrong- cut the tips of my two fingers off. My poor mom had to drive to downtown Buffalo to the hospital with me and my 2 brothers. I will always remember the hydrogen peroxide the nurse poured over my finger tips to clean them. Incredible burning pain.

    Dad flipped about my stupid injury and the bike disappeared.

    Grandpa told me about the board tracks that were in Buffalo years back, it was very popular. Steeply banked ovals made of wood. One was right on Main street where a Sears store was when he told me of it.