anyone ever shipped a whizzer?

Dave Beck

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3:31 AM
Feb 22, 2008
Elk City, Oklahoma
I have found a great whizzer to buy but the problem is it is in California and I am in Oklahoma. Any suggestions on shipping? I would sure like to buy it but if shipping is going to cost me as much as the bike I will have to pass.

Let me know suggestions or thoughts.

Dave Beck
The most economical way to ship it is via Greyhound, believe it or not. You'd have to contact Greyhound to find the nearest terminals to the shipper and you. If you send it via FedEx, UPS or DHL expect it to run over $200. My Whizzer came from Arizona to PA via DHL and was $300. Of course your bike will need to be disassembled and crated. If anyone other than a Whizzer/motorcycle dealer/bike shop disassembles it to ship, make sure they drain the oil! Otherwise you might have a slippery, leaky box on your hands when it arrives. Also, unless you have the service manual make sure they tag the wire ends! It'll make reassembly go that much easier. As you can guess, none of that was done with mine and I"m still working on getting the bike right.
Good luck!
got this taken care of. If anyone ever needs to ship a bike checkout I got a great deal on shipping and you don't have to take it apart drain any fluids nothing.....My new (1948) Whizzer should be here around the 25th of this month....I will post pictures when it arrives.

Thanks for the input guys.