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Nov 6, 2008
I'm looking into purchasing an 800cc (69cc?) kit off ebay to install onto my cypress mountain/road bike.
I live in NJ, and it looks like I will have to register and insure it as a motorized bicycle. Speeds need to be kept under 25MPH, and driving it on roads with posted speed limits above 50MPH are prohibited.
What I am wondering is if I would need brake lights, headlights etc such as on mopeds. Also, will I need a moped licence plate?
I'd really like to make something like this, but just dont want the hassle of getting pulled over constantly.
Anyone from NJ here who owns one, and what has your experience with it been? Thanks guys!
I never have any problems with the police on my motorized cruiser bike.
DMV said that if it doesn't go over 20, it is subject to local regulation. I called the town I live in, and they said that a motorized bike is OK, but a "pocket bike" motorcycle is not.

I drive under 25mph even though the bike is capable of a little more. I have no brake lights, no insurance and no plates. If I needed all that, I wouldn't have bothered. I have also sold several bikes, and none of the owners have reported any problems operating them in their communities. I've gotten pulled over more on a small street legal motorcycle because it looks like a mini bike. (I carry full insurance, and it is registered. Go figure)


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This is great news! Being new jersey, I would think they would heckle the **** out of you, but I guess if speeds are kept low, they dont mind?I think I will go for it! I'll work on keeping it super quiet, and plane jane to not draw too much attention. Thank you very much for the reply! My next move is to figure out what kit to buy