anyone got motorised bike racing happening?

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  1. I am looking to get an off-road motorised mountain bike racing club type thingy going - does anyone know of anything alse like this happening?
    I have already seen the spooky toothe race but there must be something else?

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    Noting your present location might help generate more comments!

  3. Motored Bike Racing

    Thanks for the obvious advice.

    I am located in Tasmania, Australia and would like to get motored bike racing of the ground if there is anyone else in the local area or on the main land?.

    Also does anyone know of any other similar racing going on around the world?
  4. I would like to see it happen too....especially here on the East Coast! ;-)

    Ultimately I think what is needed to have it done on a local level would be to have somebody local, make and sell motorized bikes and tell each new purchaser about a
    self organized race where the buyer can win some prize money and have fun to boot.....At least that was the idea I had for doing a race around here (haven't done it yet because I stay sooo busy working) but that is how I would try doing it....Could also get some local sponsors and make it a news worthy event for publicity.

    Hope this helps you

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  6. Joseph,

    That bike is a work of art - what is the spec of the motor etc.
    We need to talk as i have a group of guys here that want racing and i have a sposor who is willing to fund events and even share development cost for a production type racing bike - an electric type and a petrol type.
    So how many guys have you got? Who built your bike? Do you have any video photage?
    We are interested in getting th sport going and investing the $ to do so provided we can get enough interest.
    Can youe snd more photos of your bike with the specification for motor etc and a list of things you would like to have on a bike to improve the racing enjoyment.
    Thanks for the message.
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    someone else built that bike, I beleive i got the pics off this forum somewhere..

    I am totally in to building these these bikes for you guys and participating in races. I can't provide any money save for what goes into my own ride and my gear. but I can built these dirt trackers locally for anyone in the soCal area

    I already got alot of business building streetbikes for people through craigslist.
  8. Joseph,
    Have you any samples of bikes you have built and do you have any ideas that you would like to push - perhaps i can help.
    Send me a pm with some photos and we can talk about building a custom racer if you wish?
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    hey Joe, im in southern cali also in orange county, i would love to race my bike or ride on a track off road... check my bike out in the picture gallary under the thread thats titled "horse power pipe and carb dirt cycle".... Mike too bad you arnt in southern california too, we would have a serious sport on our hands...
  10. Ultimusmaximus & Joseph (and any others),

    I will be in LA later this year to do some damage and promote our new bikes. I hope you may join us as there will be some racing and we will also have some prize money up for grabs. Nothing to serious - mainly promotional.
    We will also have some of our new bikes there to test ride (thrash) so come on down one and all. I would love to see your bikes on the track (location still to be determined) - more details to follow.
    You may also have sugestions for a location?
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    sorry it took so long to reply, but yeah, let me know when you're in LA. I'll meet you anywhere. I dont have my bike, but ill gladly ride my harley in the dirt.

    as for places to ride?

    i just went to the Santa Fe Dam and took my harley offroad on the bicycle trails in the forest behind the river. then i got caught by the security and was chased out, so exhilerating, but also scary. it was on my lunch hour, i didnt want to get arrested!

    check out the santa fe **** in Irwindale, CA on Google Earth. it really is a cool place to ride, the overhead views you will see prove it.
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    I get down to Hobart from Sydney every couple of years.
    You are riding in one of the best places in Australia.
    Please let me know if you get anything off the ground just in case I'm in Hobart at the time.

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    I:grin:'m down in San Diego and certainly wouldn't mind racing my 4-stroke motorized mountain bike.
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    this isn't the same style i think you all are talking about, but it is slightly on-topic...and it's a reality in the works :)
    MBc @ Bonneville

    any time that MBc can help any racing effort, i hope you will feel free to contact us about it :cool:
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    any one who whants to race me in texas im up for it mopeds here cant keep up in the city or my city to city race i do here

    as i say bring it all my city pounder is up for a race every day
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    hahaha ther we go
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    wow! that looks so cool! that jet bike at 2.28 seconds sounds really cool
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    what sort of mods do those bikes have? they seem really fast
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    most of the bikes are running the scsw boxer pipe and thats it.