Anyone had a bad experience with spooky tooth?

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by anthony1973, Jun 3, 2010.

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    Not trying to start a war or disrespect a company.But I ordered a piston kit,cylinder, and gasket set off them last week.They e mailed me and told me It would be shipped this tuesday and to expect a tracing number from them and fed x.Now It's friday and I tried to be nice and call and e mail them and they are ducking me.Still no tracing number or confirmation from spooky tooth or fed x that my package was delivered.I paid on my debit card.I finally got a little angry and sent them 2 e mails and 2 messages on the phone saying I either want my tracking number or confirmation of delivery or I would have a stop payment Issued from my bank In an attempt to get my money back.No reply.I hate to get upset with a business.But,When you are told to be expecting a tracking number and delivery tuesday and It's friday and cannot get anyone to simply state whether they mailed your package or not.It's kinda bothersome being I have been ripped off In the past on Internet purchases.I do not know If they mailed my package or not and what I am basically asking Is should I break out the red flag and put a stop payment order from my bank against spooky tooth or are they known to be unprofessional when It comes to shipping And not e mailing a tracking number or tell me If they shipped It yet or not.Like I said,I know many people here done business with them and they are respected In the m.b. community.I mean to upset no one.I am just worried I got ripped out of 85 bucks shipping Included.Could someone please tell me a few ways to handle this?Last e mail I got they wanted to sell me a bicycle and I said I have not even got my package I ordered or sent to me via fed x far as I know.I am not gonna order a bike off you If you have not even sent my prior package I ordered 8 days ago.If pirates was not out of this stuff I would have dealt with him.This bulljunk reconfirms why I deal exclusively with pirate cycles.Least they do run a good business and get shipping out pronto.And soon as you order you got confirmation and a tracking number off the bat.I heard alot of good things about spookytooth.But now,I don't know.Even If I get my package.I will never deal or recommend them again to anyone being It's unprofessional to draw payment out of my bank,Say you got my order.And then send me 2 e mails saying I will have your tracking number this evening.Then never get It.I tried being patient.Now I feel like a total retard.If you don't want to post on here for fear of retaliation from other people on here.Please pm me and tell me If you had a similar experience.And please do not get angry or defensive.I would not post or ask this unless I had a legit reason.And If I get my package.I will ask the mods to remove this or I will take back what I said.But,I still will not deal with them again being I got no tracking number or confirmation notice from fed x or spooky tooth.Sorry,But that Is very unprofessional.
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  2. Just like any other vendor stop payment and make them make it right. I shoulda done that with dax.
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    I hate to do that then get my package mailed but,I feel like I have to being no one e mails me now and I was supposed to get a tracking order for my Items being shipped tuesday.And It's friday and no tracking order number yet.I am doing that tomorrow.And If I get my package I will apologise to spooky tooth for my decision.But,I have a problem when I get told tracking number will be here this evening for 3 days and e mailed to you.Then Get ducked and no tracking number.I hate I have to do this.But,I have no choice.It's good as done tomorrow morning.Even If they mailed my package.I could care less at this point being I been more than patient and kind until today.I will never deal with them again just over principal and no tracking number which they are supposed to give on their website.And we wonder why Many american businesses make marginal profit or go out of business.But,Due to respect for the many others on here who like them.I will not post a bad review or badmouth their operation being they did a lot of good for legislation of m.b. laws and for the most part have good customer service far as I can tell by their review listed here.Although I did threaten that on their voice mailbox today:grin5: Just trying to get a tracking number I should have got 3 days ago like they said.At this point.I just want a refund.
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    first you say that you never heard from them, and then you say the last time you talked to them, they tried to sell you a bicycle. which you replied that you had even not gotten your prior package yet. so which is it, did you talk to them or not?
    saying that you feel like a total "retard" says a lot about who you are.
    what kind of person uses the word "retard" these days anyway?
    i REALLY take offense to that comment because i have a special needs child.
    I was going to try and help you out, but after reading your whole post...i hope you never get your package.
    oh, on top of that, you spent $85.00 + for a piston kit, cylinder and a gasket? you could have bought a WHOLE NEW motor for that much $$.
    maybe you should have a little more patience and grow up a little bit!
  5. Wow this is the only industry I know of that attacks customers who complain about lousey service. You sound like you are trying to make an idiot out of this guy for one word. What goes around comes around.
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    And I really take offense that you motorpsycho are on this same planet as me doing nothing but being derogatory.Please do not ever reply to me I have no use for an arrogant person like yourself.And I honestly never liked you and could care less about your problems or how you are trying to use your kid as a focal point to discredit my posts.Forget your junky vendors and your pathetic rhetoric which Is plum dispariging.And that Shipping costs me 20 bucks which adds up to 85.You been Iggied and I present you with this motorpsycho:69: Looser
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    If you had a brain I said the last 3 days they have not talked to me prior to that.I did talk with them a few times. prior to not getting s tracking number.I ask you please remove yourself from my posts before I have a talk with mods about your Inflamatory attacks.Forget It.I just Ignored you and reported your rude comments to the mods.Perhaps you should grow up yourself before you come around here judging others.
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    I bought a gt5 kit from them in april. At the time it was out of stock but was not indicated on there web site. I waited about a week before I called/emailed at which time I was told they were out of stock; and they were tracking down kits. Approx a week later I received a email statiing they expected a shipment in a couple/few days. A few days later I received a tracking no. then kit. I don't feel Spooky is trying to rip you off. They are possibly just out of stock on that item and waiting on another shipment. I know when you want it, YOU WANT IT NOW. Just give them a day or two and I beleive they will reply and make things right. Hang loose
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    Hmm... thought this was a vendor review, not an eloquence lecture?

    I've bought some stuff from them... head gaskets, expansion chamber exhaust, an upgraded carburetor, and a gas tank. Shipping hasn't always been the speediest, but I've never been stiffed.

    I did have one issue with a head gasket - they had just thrown it loose into the same box as the carburetor I'd ordered, and on arrival, the gasket was mangled and bent around the float bowl. I sent them an email explaining the issue, they responded in a reasonable timeframe, and sent a replacement free of charge. Couldn't have asked for much more (other than packaging it properly the first time).

    All in all, I'd order from them again, and I'm a little surprised they're being as evasive as you say they are with you. Good luck - hope you get your package sooner rather than later!
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    Update,After 3 to 4 days avoiding me they just sent my tracking number.I have no Issue with them now and I ask the mods to please remove or delete this thread.And I thank the m.b. forum for allowing me to post this.They read this and got on the ball.Thank you motored bike forum and thank you spooky tooth.But,I think I will still pass on doing any more business being I am used to a tracking number day after I place an order and not avoiding me over such a trivial Issue.I got my tracking number and have nothing bad to say about spooky tooth and eat my own words like I said I would In my beginning post.When I deal with pirate cycles If something Is out of stock.They send me an e mail and let me know.That was all spooky had to do.And I would have understood.
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    Understood Domino.I just think If they have a backorder they should let the consumer know via e mail Instead of not saying anything.They never told me this In my e mails or over the phone.I just got my tracking number and confirmation.I am satisfied.Just would not hurt to let someone know.When I deal with Pirate cycles.If something comes up.Justin e mails me or calls me to let me know the deal.If they would have just said there Is a backorder on your product.I would have been fine with that.
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    so if i say that you are an idiot, it's ok right?
    hey, it's only one word.
    Oh, you have me "iggied"
    whatever Einstein.
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