anyone had problems with the cops in ontario?

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  1. linnix13

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    ive been rideing around dundas for about a half year so far. tonight was this buskerfest thing and there were cops everywhere! i was ripping around a corner at 50kph and i saw a cop in his car parked with his window down. i killed the engine and pretended to pedal as a coasted 50kph past him. he never followed or anything. i then rid past another 3 or 4 cops tonight but i killed the engine and again pretended to pedal 50kph past them. so i was wondering if anyone has had problems with them because they are illegal, thanks

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Isn't Ontario going through a trial legalization period right now?

    I've forgotten the details. Maybe they could be found by searching "Ontario". But I think the Province legalized them (with an expiration period) in order to evaluate them.
  3. Mountainman

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    won't look good at this time !!

    getting caught riding at 50 kph or in any type of accident

    won't look good at this time !!

  4. linnix13

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    no thats those stupid little e bikes that di like 20kph
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    At that speed there gonna figure you can't do that by pedaling, you have just lucked out so far with the cops. A cop is gonna bust you just because your a young guy, try to be a little more conservative with the speed.
  6. linnix13

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    well 50 is pushing it, i usually cruise at 40 or 30 if its busy
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    I don't have much experience with Canadian police. (though the OPP once did me a really big favor. Much nicer than American cops would have been under the circumstances)

    But most of us (in the US, anyway) have found that the police just don't care very much about what we're riding.

    I always advise to "ride like a boy scout". Yup, I probably would (certainly would) have had trouble following that advice when I was 17. But if you can manage it, then you likely have no trouble coming at all.
  8. RMWdave

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    yea word linnux. take it a little easier and remember that the popo are always out to get you somehow.
    here in embrun i had the opp eye**** my mb and ask where my helment was, my reply was im 22. i got a dirty look and was told to think about buying one
    havnt caught much flak tho
  9. Sowhatu

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    Here in hamilton, Ontario....
    Cop told me as long as I wear a helmet and obey speed limit (50kph) , they won't pull me over.
  10. bamabikeguy

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    Fellas, the reason the cops are on you about helmets is because part of thier job is picking young hot shots like you up off the road. They then have to go and tell your parents that you can be seen down at the hospital or worse they have to go to the morgue and identify your body.

    No! I'm not some old f*rt who's talking. I was a volunteer fire fighter who pried a few up off the road and the 62 stitches plus the permenant dent in my skull from the "nobody could have survived that accident" I think give me the right to say that. Thats what the cops told my mom and Dad. I was 21.

    Ya, well it wasn't going to happen to me either until it did and to bring it home to some of you it happend in Islington just across from Etobicoke high school. West end of Toronto.

  12. linnix13

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    i always have my helmet and i have 2 mirrors and lights, im not about to get my head smashed in and make my tinnitus worse or even die! i ride with traffic and signal to any changes, i know ive seen those 17 year old hot heads on their dirt bike ripping through stop signs and speeding around, im not one of them, i love my bike and my life so i intend to keep it safe and out of trouble, i usualy just do the speed limmit in town and keep up with trafic, i want to keep these things legal in my town cause im the only one that has one here,
  13. robin bird

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    What a bunch of ****!!! i moved here from Guelph in 1973 so glad-- in some ways we are still in the wild west---an rcmp pulled me over--said what a good idea asked where i got it --he said its rather loud coming direct from expansion chamber--i pulled the stinger out of my pocket put it on he said you were doing everything right--you were in the bike lane--your wearing bright clothing--you signalled--go ahead have a great day!!
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    thats awsome! ive never been pulled over but i see the cops every day, they dont bother me, im not causing trouble for them so its mutual, i rode past a cop in waterdown and he gave me a funny look and tilted his head but didnt atempt to stop me! the bigest problem i have is kids in there momys car, i almost got sideswiped today by some punks who wanted to race past me to be cool, my handle bar dug a nice groove down the whole side of there trans am.