Anyone have a rusty beat up 2 stroke muffler they want to sell?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by wildwestrider, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. wildwestrider

    wildwestrider Member

    I recently bought a vintage bike with a Tiger 2 stroke engine. The previous owner cut the muffler apart and created a baffle-less expansion chamber---its way too loud.

    Any suggestions on where I can buy a stock muffler (preferably old and rusty or Black,...Would really prefer to find a very rusty old one)

    Brian in Austin

  2. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    I think I got a beat up black one. Its yours free with paid shipping. IM me.
  3. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    that is why I love this site... +1 for skyliner
  4. Hawaii_Ed

    Hawaii_Ed Member

    If his falls through, I have three. One is fairly rusty, and I leave it out in the rain for a bit it'll get worse fast!
  5. wildwestrider

    wildwestrider Member

    I would prefer a very rusty/crusty/dirty chrome muffler.

    No Idea what shipping is From the island. could you give me an idea what it would cost to ship to 78613 Cedar Park, TX?

  6. Hawaii_Ed

    Hawaii_Ed Member

    Sorry, missed this when you posted! Regrettably, mine is black. I am sure I can get it in a $8 flat rate box :)

  7. wildwestrider

    wildwestrider Member

    Any chance of a pic or two Ed

  8. Hawaii_Ed

    Hawaii_Ed Member

    Always have my camera close! My most rusty one had the tip rewelded when it fell off. The other one is in much better shape, and has the bolt.

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  9. wildwestrider

    wildwestrider Member

    ED, I'll take your rusty one. I've PMd you with my address etc.


  10. wildwestrider

    wildwestrider Member

    Pic of my bike with your now even rustier muffler on it.

    Ed, got the muffler's yesterday. stripped paint off one, and sprayed it with water out in the grass....a few hours looked rustier.....Pic attached

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  11. Hawaii_Ed

    Hawaii_Ed Member

    Glad they made it OK! It looks um..."better!" LOL!

    Cool build, I love the patena!

    Sound must be improved I bet!
  12. wildwestrider

    wildwestrider Member

    It's Definitely quieter. Thanks for helping out Ed!


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