Anyone have Experience on Flying your Gas Bike!


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Dec 13, 2015
Every once in while get these business deals be here this week you get hell of a scam deal. Well, that's over 2000 miles away it would take at least 2 weeks to get there on peril adventure. And the cost hotel or bag and food.

But on taking a look at a smaller airport auxiliary not the major airport I can book a flight for just $33.00 be there in a few hours.

But once you get there to that big dirty rotten city transportation is gonna be a big problem taxi cab easily take a $60.00 chunk out of your wallet one way. I'm used to a few penny's of gas for the same trip.

I spoke with one guy who flew his mountain bike from California to ride with friends in Colorado. He said he paid something like $88.00 for a box to fly it.

But a motor with a gas tank?
I think you would have to take it off the bike empty hide it in a day pack carry it on board but s**t security they would getting the thrill of their career to say they caught some damn terrorist trying to blow up the airliner!
I check out with airport parking you can park free if you lock it to a post as long as you don't take up a stall it's free otherwise you payout big time on a parking stall.
I notice REI when they order a bike it comes in a huge box assemble with handlebars horizontal gives a lot of girth other boxes you take the bars off lay it sideways. Thinking maybe to save me a box save money but it would be a challenge to transport on a bike.

Do they charge by weight? Can you even move the box without wheels or a dolly?
I have never taken a bicycle on a flight. But I figure that its okay to pack up and take in a check in bag as long as there isn't any gasoline, and the fuel lines, the carburetor, and others are all dry, right? But from videos I found online, packing and unpacking a regular bicycle seems tedious, and might not be possible in an airport. Also, if you bring the bike with you, and you don't have gasoline, you wouldn't be able to ride it to any destination, right? Again, I haven't ever done it before, and I'm also curious as to how you would go about doing it.
Buy or make a bike box, at least as tall as the wheels. Remove the handle bars, pedals, and wheels and stuff them into the box. No fuel in the system of course.
Delta airlines say you must remove the handle bars and pedals, be place in either cardboard or canvas bag or some hard shell. Could not get her to fantasize what a motorized bike was though not get a typical price.

Check with Frontier could not get a price but they did have a 62" liner inch must be under 50 lbs.

Still checking.


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You could always mail it to where ever you are going and pick it up at the mail office.