anyone have the wonderfulcreations generator?

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  1. blckwlfny1

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    Does anyone have the 6v generator from "Wonderful Creations"?
    Does the load it places on the engine alter its performance?...not just the electrical draw, but the actual physical resistance it adds to the motor

  2. GearNut

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    I have read many reviews of it and the consensus is it is a waste of money.
    It is a good idea, but it just does not work like it should or is advertised to.
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    I have both the 6v and 12 volt versions, they work as advertised. I would advise using a regulator to control voltage, because at high rpms, the 6v one will put out 12 volts, and it will blow lights, same with the 12v
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    I would like to see input

    I would definitely like to see some examples and testimonials on the system because it would be great if it worked as claimed. I would like to use the 12v system to keep a small 7ah SLA charging. That is if it can really put out over 1.5ah as claimed. The regulator sound a must especially at speeds these bikes can achieve. I want to know if the 12v will work because I think what these bikes need is some super high power lighting; this would allow you to use a 55w projector halogen fog light for about 75 min. easy. The charging is what makes it a great idea. Maybe even add a tail/brake-light and turn signals. Turn signals would be nice because sometimes in traffic it is difficult to clutch, brake, and signal at the same time. Also, I am tired of carrying a darn battery pack with me.
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    I really wish people would quit keeping secrets! I was the dang first one with a reliable white wire lighting system and was happy to share the knowledge!!! Hal be it they were LEDS!

    I wish to broaden my knowledge of electrical charging systems but don't know where to read or go.

    I understand v X a = w but wish greater knowledge on the system and its generation of power. I'm not the easiest of learner, guess it takes a special teacher to explain? But I aint stupid either!

    I want to apply my newly gained knowledge to wind energy. Imagine passing the coffee slurping, doughnut munching, jack booted revenue writting thugs with a small wind turbine attached to your luggage rack while charging a small battery bank. Think we get funny looks now?

    I need reads on regulation circuts and electronic brakes!

    What are the things that get hot on the old MBs? Connected for the extra V's to go to as a dumping ground to protect the circut? That might be your answer for over V's in a system?
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    charging unit

    I just use the charging unit to charge a 12 volt 12 amp hr. battery. brake lights blinkers and headlight work off the battery. So far I haven't had to charge the battery with a regular charger since I put it on. I don't do a lot of night riding but put over 500 miles on it mostly in the daylight hours. I wish I could buy one for my gxh 50. I still haven't solved that problem yet. The gxh is a new build.
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    off the wall

    Haven't been here for a few weeks, Laptop got infected with some virus and cant do anything but limited stuff in safe mode. Gonna bring it in after i get the funds. ($99). But also need $ for motor kit. Last motor locked up. SUX to be broke.
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    I remember in 1972, electronics class we made 12 Volt car battery chargers.
    No big deal, but the point was, there was a formula for the coil windings. Primary and Secondary. I don;t have those books we used with all the methods and calculations for electrical windings.
    So if we know the formula, we can post the windings, copper wires type and core type to make our own to fit in that section of the magneto housing.

    Anyone with that that info. may post here and we make our own, probably better.
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  10. Stan4d

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    I know i have seen the formula you are talking about, but I cannot locate it. I will keep looking, it is for winding DC motors, but the principle is the same. The one I saw also had a converter formula to change input power to output.

    Edit: Is this what your looking for?
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    See Stan, that's what's funny about me, here it is: conical is "V" shapped right? Well bottom of the radius he mentions, is the bottom of the angle which is just a fancy (machinist) word for radius!
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    how and where in the circuit would you add a voltage regulator and what kind would be sufficient?