Anyone here ride on snow?



This will be my first winter with my Golden Eagle motor kit. I am selling my 2007 Honda Fit Sport (Honda's newest small car in the USA) and will only have two wheels on which to get around. On my recumbent bicycle I had a studded tire on the rear and it worked OK. I didn't try taking corners the same way as on a summer road so I didn't ever fall down.

Has anyone here used their motor-bike over snow and ice covered roads? If so, please tell me all about how fast you could go and under what road conditions you rode.

I have owned motorcycles and used them on wet roads. I've never wanted to ride them on roads with ice because I'm a little bit of a cheapskate and never wanted the expense of repairing one from a crash. A bicycle with a motor doesn't have enough weight to break itself even if it does fall down. It might get some scuffs but nothing will be too expensive to replace from a fall, therefore; I'll probably ride my bicycle this snowy winter.

Any tips you can give would be great.

P.S. My Honda Fit Sport is listed on in Montana under the 59635 zip code.


i live in snow 4 months a year ,2 wheels in snow , i will say one thing you are a brave man ,,
without too much problem you should be able to add a 3th wheel ,something that you can bolt on take off easy for the fine days



I've always ridden my bike year round. The locals think I'm a bit crazy. They're probably right. This will be my first winter with a motor. The friction drive should work okay once the ice is so cold it's dry. I won't be able to stud the back though, I'll just sacrifice some knobbies. We don't have glare ice often, the surface is usually a little rough, with lots of gravel. I think the main trick is to always be ready to fall down, so that when it happens you can do a relatively painless dismount. I once lost the bike coming to an intersection and managed to step off it and slide to a standing stop in the middle of the intersection. I think I scored some good style points.


I must say that I'm disappointed that nobody with a motorized bike has commented about riding on snow. My plan is to buy some studded tires and not ride very fast. I'll still go faster than pedaling and that is what is important.

I have a motorcycle riding suit that includes pants with a winter liner. It is like wearing a jacket on my legs. These should be used by everyone everywhere in winter. Why shouldn't legs have coats? They are much better than wearing long underwear because they can be removed when going inside where it is warm.

I have a balaclava that covers my face. It worked well last winter while riding my bicycle without a motor. What I need to get next is a face shield to attach to my helmet. On a different message board one rider found the Elvex clear shield to work very well. It is not a bicycle item. It is found in hardware stores as a face protector for people using power tools that throw up debris. It can be zip tied to the front of a bicycle helmet by drilling small holes in the top of the shield.

I got a link to a company that made heavy duty training wheels for adult bicycles. I tried several times to contact them and they didn't respond.

I don't want to by a tractor track for my bike because they only work on deep snow. I went to their web site and didn't see anyone riding on level ground. They only show people riding downhill because they would probably be going only 2 miles per hour on level ground. Has anyone seen that web-site?

Are there any people here other than me and Alaskavan planning to ride in the snow this winter?
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On a more realistic level. For gear to ride with, I just wear my normal winter clothes. Inulated Carhartt's, serious boots and gloves, a stocking cap, a snow machine mask and my work glasses. For those unfamiliar with Carhartt's, picture jeans made out of HEAVY canvas, and double layered on the thigh to knee areas.


Apr 23, 2007
I tried to move away from snow. For the most part I succeeded. Except this day last winter.

I thought the bike would be fun, but instead locked the Toyota in 4H and stayed dry & warm. The bike was fine after the snow and ice melted, because I left it home! had I tried to ride it I would surely have needed to repair the damage. If that is I was in any shape to do anything.

I see the need to get around in all weather and I admire your insane courage trying it on a bicycle. Just not for this desert rat...


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beach cruzin

i hope it snows here this year i can't wait to try it i love to ride-drive most anything else in snow so im hope'n alltho i don't snow much here at the beach.:cool: