anyone in or around San Antonio?

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Mar 28, 2008
would Be nice to orginize a S.A.ride,if we have any motor bicycle builders around this area---sam
Count me in. I still have some finish-up work but should be ready soon.


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SaJoe that cycle truck looks cool! Nice job.
We really should get-to-gether at BlueStar bicycle and do a show&Ride with all the Sa motorbikes---Jimmy at BlueStar built one too.
Where is Bluestar? The Motorcycle shops say go to a bike shop. The bike shops say go to a motorcycle shop so it would be nice to have some place to go! I have only taken short rides around my neiborhood. Right now I am not comfortable with the drive chain but have an idea for chain adjusters. If that doesn't make it better I'll stop at tractor supply and get a new chain and tensioner.
Bluestar is the Art complex at the intersection of S. alamo and Probant.Blue Star Bicycle has a new shop.Ask or meet Jimmy.
As far as Tensioners go a skate wheel works good.
I went by Bluestar Saturday. Very cool shop! I got my tension problem fixed but the chain is so bent it still pops so I am going to stop at Tractor supply and get a new one. (I work in Austin so I can stop in San Marcos on the way home) Should be ready for a meet and ride soon. LMK
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