Anyone in their early 20's? (age)

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by erickster, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. erickster

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    I was browsing around the net at different motorized bicycles and started to notice a trend. Many people are either older 30-40+, or younger, 18 or under. Anyone in their 20's?

    I'm 23, and I built this bike for fun and because I'm fascinated with it & love new, interesting projects, and love learning new things. I get a lot of negative response, "why don't you just ride a normal bike"? It's sort of a downer.

    What's the deal?

    By the way, the only positive response I got was from an older lady at my local park... haha.

  2. Simonator

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    I'm 25. I built my bike because I am too poor to afford to get my licence back. I got sick of peddling and walking.
  3. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    I'm 22. I've got a junky Corolla, but I'd rather ride on my bike. Plus my license is suspended for a month, maybe more.

    I've gotten nothing but positive looks from people, except for one guy pedaling by me. I wonder why he was POed. Hmm... he had to pedal & I didn't... that's right.
  4. 86BG

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    He wasn't one of those bikers who wear full spandex and eyeglass rearview mirrors, was he?

    They make so much effort to be streamlined, but they sit straight up.

    I wanted to make an electric one because of the debt I owe to the environment.
  5. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Actually, he wasn't. He was borderline thug. The spandex bikers I've seen are just as amazed as everybody else who "interrogates" me when I'm getting on/off the bike. This guy was just plain jealous.

    Anyway... I think our age range is less likely to use motoredbikes right now, because we've all got lotsa things going on in our lives. Most of us don't have free time, and the free time that we do have is going to be spent wisely... not sifting thru mostly irrelevant posts from some forum. We are content with the cars we drive, but we'll come to our senses sooner or later.
  6. lobsterboyx

    lobsterboyx Guest

    Im 23. I collect vintage cars, and i got hooked on whizzers through vintage bicycles.
  7. Demosthenese

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    i'm 22. i built mine because i impulse bought the kit on ebay at first sight. There was about 3 minutes between first becoming aware of the existence of bicycle engines and waiting by the fedex tracking site to see when mine would arrive.
    I'll keep building them because they are so much fun, and because, although it seems far fetched, these could go a long way to fixing transportation congestion and gas shortage problems. The idea needs to be kept alive and spread!
    In Europe, the first thing kids do when they hit 15 is get a motor scooter (vespa ish) and a license. In Canada at least, the snow keeps most of us kids from owning a motorbike or scootor because it's useless 5 months of the year. Take the price down to 300 bucks for essentialy the same thing and suddenly it's viable. I thinks they are one of the greatest things.
  8. autobo7

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    I agree 100%, I'm 23 and I take a lot of 'stuff ' for riding it to and from campus, although strangely the townies seem mostly just interested! But I think most people in their early 20s are in the 'too cool stage', and are just secretly jealous. (at least that what I tell my self so I don't feel dumb lol)
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  9. Our admin and site owner,Tom is like 21 or something.
  10. hargie12

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    Interesting thread...
    I'm 23 and have always wanted to have a motorized bike. I grew up riding mini bikes and go karts but just didn't put in the time to figure out plans for a "safe" prototype. When gas hit $ 3.25 I decided I wanted to try again and was amazed how it already existed. I'm just getting ready to graduate and am going to have to start paying off loans so anyway to save a buck is great.

    Like sparky said alot of people just give me sh*t for being tight on cash but soooo many people are just enthralled. I wish I could find a way to direct import these bad boys because in a college town with loads of rich kids from the city....I could make a buck!!
  11. Build one,go to your college in one,watch all the people that get it,profit.
  12. nickbk

    nickbk New Member

    im only 20, and i lost my licence for 6 months :p so i got one of these motored bikes. its awesome! i love people stopping me to ask bout it. i even got dragged the other day by these gus in a work truck (i won initially, but my top speed is only 50 kmh, so they caught up eventually). when i get my licence back, im not sure if i'll get a car for a while, lol. im yet to get abused, but then i wear earplugs, so who knows what people are shouting at me as i zoom past. but seriosly, who cares if they have a problem with it? we're the ones avoiding traffic jams and only spending a few bucks a week on fuel. in my opinion, we're having the last laugh.
  13. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    You guys are still trying to impress the girls:cool:. A 2008 Mustang is a lot hotter than a Schwinn 49cc motored bike. I zipped past the community college and 2 little blondies in a Miata with the roof down were laughing at me. I'm too old to give a hoot.:p
  14. autobo7

    autobo7 Member

    Yeah you got that right! the ladies dig me in my bimmer but the motor bike(even with 18ccs more) just makes 'em laugh. Too bad you cant fit two people on a motor bike... Hmmm i think a project idea is forming?
  15. rosco

    rosco Guest

    Im a 23 year old grad student, and I love riding on in to school on a motor bike, saves money and you enjoy the ride in!
  16. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    im 21 and have a 93 94 and a 93 4 door geo metros a 86 nissan pickup
    96 VW jetta 98 honda civic and a bunch of bikes in the back and a rare 87
    honda 50 2 stroke spree

    i choose to ride my bike one its my delivery bike i love it wife wont let me get a motorcyle so i deal with it and if i had a motorcycle i would still ride my bike more then any of my cars

    what i have come to see all fixie,road bike riders and bike shop guys find the motorized bike thing dumb

    well its only time till they get one do to gas price increase

    but we are a step ahead
  17. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    dude i out ran a group of bikers to day since i whent peddaling throw a red light and did not get to me till i got 2mil down the streat i laughed when they asked what the heck is that thing and just went in side my work
  18. Jim H

    Jim H Guest

    I used to be twenty something with thin skin, now I'm fifty something and too old to care what others think. We may get better with age but we do undoubtedly ugly up!
  19. Tom

    Tom Active Member


    I am 21 and I started motoredbiking when I was 19. I got into motorcycles, but still love riding my motoredbike. Its also the best way to get to campus - I don't have to pay for parking and I can park in any bike rack right next to my class.
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  20. (covers Cronus's ears...which is..I think..the handlebar ends. Yes.)