Anyone know about friction drive roller's?

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    I'm finally starting to build my Schwinn spoiler. First thing I did was remove that uncomfortable seat, and that too little for me rear tire. I cut the post off & then sleaved the smaller post into it. The smaller post is standard except I found a long bent back one to give me more stretch room. Then I put a normal seat on it. Then I put a 130/80x16 rear. Made it 24x5.5''. It just fit in the frame without major modification. The pedal chain just clears, Of course, no fender! Then I got looking at it, I want to install a Honda GXH50, chain drive. But I can't see how without going back to the original tire? I have to have the chain on the right side to pedal, and I need my rear disc brake. Even if I remove the disc I still have no chain clearance on the left side,so I thought??? how about going friction on this bike also! I just have to figure out how to make a friction roller housing 6 to 6.5 '' wide for tire clearance??? Anyone with any ideas? I tried Staton, they can make one but they're too busy!!!:???:

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  2. bicycle ron

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    Crazy dayz ????

    After seeing the nice rear, I added a 24x3 on the front. It really picked the bike up!!!!

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  3. lazybikeusa

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    big tire

    we can make you an oversize drive roller that fits chineseclutch
    i will post some pics in gallery
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    Not to sound too ???? but is the GXH50 chinese? Or I guess I really say,THANK YOU! As long as it will work, GREAT! Please reply soon, thanks,Ron.
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    Hey, lazybikeusa, who's we? Do you have a company, or are you into custom fabrication?
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    The honda gx50 is made in Taiwan im pretty sure but of coarse its to hondas standards for quality. Ive never seen anything that could be called inferior with the honda name on it. If you search it here theres a gx50 chinese made clone that owners seem to be happy with and will save you a few bucks.
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    Thailand, actually.
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    The GXH50 is actually made in Japan. You are all thinking of the GX35 which is in fact made in Thailand.

    Dimension Edge makes a friction drive kit specifically for the Spoiler. Look at zipdrivex's gallery to see his Spoiler build.
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    Oh and I guess I should tell ya a little about the kit. It is sold with a TLE43 Mitsubishi 43cc 2 stroke engine. They usually top out at 33-35 mph. They don't get the 180-200 mpg the normal Encore kits get. They still will do at least 120mpg. Includes twist grip throttle. Motor is always engaged. For drive rollers it uses urethane, aspen wood, and a stone aggregate material. The stone roller is for wet weather riding.

    That tire you have is the exact same as one we used on a OCC chopper. Just to let you know that heavy tire will likely kill acceleration. Spoiler wheels do seem to spin better then the OCC ones, so it may not hurt you much.
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    This is my spoiler setup. Disk brakes no problem. Belt drive, I don't know why some people think it would slip.( use a Gates high traction belt). It will not slip, not even a little. Do you really wanna go friction drive?

    Early stage belt drive pics and a few recent pics.

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    Ok Let's See!

    That's very cool but I have a problem with the rear tire! I added a 130/80x16 Ninja motorcycle tire. It just fits! no room for play.

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