Anyone know about Raleigh Cruiser


Irish John

I saw this cruiser (see picture below) on Raleigh's website - 2008 models. It's Aus $700 which is unusually expensive for a Raleigh. Must be the 3 speed Shimano hub or something but I wondered if anyone here has seen one in the flesh or ridden one and has an opinion about this bike.


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I dont know about that model but Raleigh is a good brand of a bicycle, their road bikes used to be one of the best till these 5k bikes come along.
i just bought a raleigh cruiser today, it is blood red w/chrome forks and beautiful pullback bars and something called bare footin pedals, also it has a big a-s double spring seat. the guy owned it since (83-84), it looks like it has been a closet. all that for $50 on craigs list. ohboyohboy mitch