Anyone know how to file for lost title for My 99 Whizzer in Ks ?

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by kayaker58, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. kayaker58

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    Gotta buy a tag for it and Can't find original owner of it,He never titled it and sat w 4 miles on it until I got it 2 months ago....Its runnin now and does anyone know how or where I can solve this issue?

    Cops are claiming if came with title when new then has to have a tag on it...

    Does anyone with a junked out 99 Whizzer that has a title with it for sale? May have to switch over to that one... sad because havin so much fun on it:)

    Anyone have a Gas Tank 99 Whizzer sticker for Left side of tank as folks pull on that side and want to know , what is that thing, know can buy new but want to Powder Coat tank before buying new Stickers ?


  2. Racie35

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    In Connecticut here, if you had the bill of sale from the previous owner you could do a title search and get a title kinda easily...I think they actuallly register it while they do the search ...never heard of one coming up bad either.
    The tanks are on ebay alot along with the stickers......or you could talk the tank and one you got to any vinyl shop and they'll have one in minutes, and yould get color choice
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    Thanks Racie, I got Bill of Sale but doesn't appear to be worth much @ this point...Don't think Ks has any kind of title search set up for neat to use it but supposedly the first owner didn't even title it so.....sounds like I need find a junk whizzer with a vin tag with clear title to buy from somebody as Ks gonna make this difficult:)
  4. Racie35

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    sounds like they're not too'ld think they would have an option for such cases
  5. kayaker58

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    Totally Agree, they get so worried about thefts that leave no good way to achieve this title!! Looks My only Option is the buying of junked out whizzer and title ....if anyone has such layin around? They can PM Me with details...
  6. alberndt

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    The problem lies in whom ever the original purchases was should have gotten an MSO, or manufacturers state of origin, which is the document taken to motor vehicles and the title is then from the state is created from. If the purchases never never titled the bike, then there is not title in any state to resurrect the title from, determine whether or not to issue a duplicate title, etc. The person you purchased from, did they state they were the original owner? How did they get the bike? Where did it come from? You would need to track back to that individual etc.
    If the DMV in Kansas has ran the VIN number on NCIS, it does not show stolen, it comes up on no other states as having been titled, who you bought it from gives an affidavit of how they got the cycle, this should be enough to issue a Kansas issued VIN number for the bike and then a title for the bike. This is what is done of theft recovery's and home-builds.
    The problem with "buying the junked out whizzer and title, is the engine number on the title will not match the engine number of the bike that you have that you put on the other bike. The whole key is the MSO and what ever happened to it. I purchased an NEr several years ago, received an MSO and then titled the bike.
    Having said all this, I worked auto thefts for 25 hrs as a policeman and they, especially motorcycles, are a pain in the ****.

  7. wheelbender6

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    In TX, I was able to register an old, untitled motorcycle with a bonded title. I posted a $4,000 bond as required by the DOT in case there were any claims to the title of that motorcycle. The bond cost me a little over $100. See if bonded titles are offered in KS. Godspeed.
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    Thanks alberndt , Appreciate the Insight:) Fello gave Me Bill of Sale, got Whizzer from a friend who thot was going to use them w a camper?? But 1st buyer didn't title it so if any Ks guys have knowlege like You do in Nebraska then sure like to hear about it?

    If I understand You got the MSO with the bike, which I haven't a clue about this on mine....

    Thanks Wheelbender, Neat way to Clear it up for a Title , how long did they hold the bond before giving You Title for it? I will certainly check it out , but most Simple things are Not given to Ks. :)
  9. wheelbender6

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    The bond is held by the state for three years (in TX). You get the bonded title very soon after posting the bond. You do not get your $100 back after three years. Think of the bond as an insurance policy on the title of the bike.