Anyone know how to find Bike Auctions? (CA)

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    Anyone in the general vicinity, whether you're IN Long Beach, or somewhere in LA or OC, I'd really appreciate any information that leads me to the doors of a bike auction! I dont care if it is factory surplus, police impound, or school impound, but any auction would be better than what I'm doin now! I need several specific bikes, but I dont have a wholesale license (good-condition Used is just fine) and I'm tired of driving all over the place to check out a private seller's cheap bike only to find out I would get less than my handful of money's worth.

    I need some source of good quality, cheap bikes.

    Any suggestions?? :confused:
    (mainly looking for auctions tho)


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    Thanks Bama, but I tried doing a search, and that site doesnt seem to cover my area. Not a single listing within 100 miles of my location, bicycles or otherwise.
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    call the pooolice stations that are close to you -- they will set you up with times and dates

    I retired from The City of San Diego
    they at one time stored some of the bikes to be auctioned off in the building where I worked

    some nice bikes that ended up (((( usually sold for a very low price ))))

    but note -- my friend bought a mountain bike at a pooolice auction
    must of had a biding war -- because -- he got ripped off -- paid a very high price

    ride that thing
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    pm sent.
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    Rgvkid Member City of Industry sheriffs station.
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    Thanks - - update

    Thanks to any and all who contributed info about auctions. Since there were those of you who shared your sources with me, in the sharing spirit, I'll do the same. :grin5:

    I called a few police stations of nearby cities, and this is what I found. will take you to the auction house that is used by **** near every city and police station north of San Diego and south of LA National Forest. They host the auctions, about twice a month, at their location in Buena Park.

    :confused: It seems to me though, that bicycles would be a very commonly misplaced or impounded item, so its a bit curious that they dont have a section for them, unless its just too "small business" for them and they dont bother... but I have to wonder if there are more appropriate places to find bikes being auctioned... so the search is still on. :detective: