Brakes Anyone know how to quiet down noisy cantilever brakes?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by joeltrain, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. joeltrain

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    I have an older Specialized Hard Rock w/ a 66cc skyhawk. It has DiaCompe cantilever brakes and pads. The kind with the NON threaded posts. They are VERY noisy. Louder than my motor at idle. I sprayed the brakes and rims down with wd40 and it stopped the noise for about 50miles but I had almost no brakes during that period! If anyone knows a simple solution (short of buying new pads) I'd appreciate it.

    Or, if im forced to buy new pads i'd like some suggestions on some good ones. I drive in the rain sometimes and really want something that will work. The one's i have now actually stop very well, but it's a little embarrassing riding around town.

  2. Happy Valley

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    I have a vintage DiamondBack Ridge Runner with those same brakes. I'm assuming you have alloy rims and the brakes are squealing. If so, here's a little tutorial:

    If you end up replacing them, I've had good luck with the KoolStop canti brake shoes.