Anyone know of a source for this motor?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by darwin, Nov 12, 2013.

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    If you look at the motor I'm referring to it's a 49cc 4 stroke the shape and size of a Honda gx35cc, not the tall HS 142f.
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    that scooter uses a 11inch rim just how small do you think it is now???

    TIRES: 4.1" x 11" Pneumatic Qingda Race

    gastank used is 1 liter not the 12ounce microtank used on the others
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    Yank your posts are very interesting but I'm interested in the motor in the LINK not the 142f, I'm not sure how to explain that in English any other way.
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    I'd be kind of leary without a model number of the engine. I have been aware of a 37cc Huasheng, but not a 49cc. Try finding a 49cc on like the model posted on Scooter Wholesalers website. Without tearing down the engine and measuring the bore and stroke, your just trusting someone stating it's a 49cc engine. Scooter Wholesalers? No physical address posted anywhere on their website. O.K., they are listing Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in their Ebay listing, but are they physically located there?

    Could be that the 49cc posted on Ebay listing and the Scooter Wholesalers website are new products, but again, I'd be leary unless they produced some documentation.

    By the way, Don Grubee's brother is selling 53cc Huasheng's on Ebay: So it's possible new products are in the pipeline.

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    Good advice Blue, I got a call in to the co for the engine model# so we'll see. This motor interests me the price is right and on a FD it will have a lower profile then the 142f. Clutch looks like its the weakest link on it, but that can be remedied easily with a HD clutch. With my experience with the 142f I'm confident this should be a quality motor, 49cc 4 stroke too.................setup with the pumper carb it's the perfect solution with my 96oz tank also. No need to add anything to it.
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    I finally got ahold of someone and something is fishy, even downright deceitful. The person I talked to said there is no model designation on this motor whatsoever and it's 1 to 1.4hp. Blue might be right this is the 37cc model or? I'm leary of this site...............could even be a Honda 31cc clone with such low hp rating. The 37cc should be 1.6hp at least.
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    Blue those 53cc HSs are probably the source for the dax super titan.
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    You can not believe a lot of what these sellers claim.

    That motor is probably some sort of GX 35 cc knock off and maybe 37 cc?

    I talked to this seller and they wouldn't answer a straight question.


    Might as well call it 49 cc right???

    #$%$#@ damn bs artists. :D
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    DAX is one of the biggest liars in the business.

    His Made in USA Chinese motor is 100% made in China.

    There are no non Chinese parts in the DAX motor and the "balanced" bottom end comes
    100% assembled in China with those grade 8 allen head bolts and all those other good

    How do I know that for sure?

    I have the exact same motor that DAX is selling except that mine is BS free! ;)