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    I ordered a CDI from them last weekend, paid for priority shipping and have not received the part. Tried calling and sometimes the line is busy, other times just get a recording to leave a message but the mailbox is full. I've also emailed. Moderators, if this is in a bad place, please move it. Thanks.

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    Not sure. I bet you receive your part tomorrow, since you ordered it during the weekend (so it's really only been a couple days). I have ordered a part or two from them off ebay (and got the parts) and did receive an answer to a question I posted to them thru ebay. Most recently, however, I sent a direct email asking where I could get paint (or a color code) for my 2007 Vintage Maroon NE5 and got no response.

    I see you are in FL and I thought that Whizzer Motorbike Co is also now located in FL? Or TX?
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    i have been waiting almost a month for a box of parts also

    i also was on ebay tried to order a belt and messege came up that seller was on vacation took a couple days to put it together with the fact cant get a hold of the people at the whizzer site but that was a week ago still have no parts and no answer to messeges left even though answer machine had been full and was not full after the date ebay showed the seller would be back.