Anyone Looking For Parts Dax 70cc

When i get my bike back from the police i will be selling all parts off my bike. Engine, throttle assembly , cat eye light/ front and rear blinking light. chain, very nice seat, Duel brake lever, silver gas tank, and more. please PM me if you want something i may have for you. I may Part out the engine if someone needs a piston, cylinder , head or rings. Thanks.

ps. I will be getting my bike back the 15th of SEPT.
why are you letting them beat you like that? c'mon, man...fight!

in case you don't, i may take the dual brake lever.....
im lookin for parts i need a gas tank with hardware
1 clutch pin and ball
1 piston with rings and retaining clips and
throttle and brake cables
is this stuff still for sale?

if it is still for sale, what size of sprocket does it have. i need a 36 tooth. if it has one send me a price. thanks.
just made arrangements with the cop to get it today around 4pm I'll fill you all in then thanks