Anyone MGTOW?


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See idk I am 16 so I have limited xp. Wondering if what they say is mainly true, it makes sense...
I wish i could go back to 12 and know everything that i know now from the past 55 years :D

Invest in a little bitcoins when you get a chance. Don't spend alot though, unless you can and are comfortable losing everything
once or twice lol

I've been buying and selling bitcoins since they were $0.68 cents for one.
Seen one bitcoin price go up to about $20,000.00 then fall back slowly to around $3,600.00.
Now we're just watching the sideways movement.

Honestly, i think the bitcoin/financial revolution and the MGTOW thing seem to sometimes walk hand in hand.

It's interesting, that's for sure.

Stay safe, young person! ;)