Anyone own a "iClone" phone? (copy of iPhone)

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  1. arceeguy

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    I am looking at buying one of those "iClone" phones on eBay.

    Sure, it doesn't have the functionality and features of an iPhone - BUT, it has a touch screen (of course), media player (audio/video), Java apps (for games, office apps), can have TWO SIMS at the same time, camera (kind of sucky), FM radio, bluetooth, etc.

    The dual SIM capability is interesting. You can have one for work, one for personal - or one for phone, one for data.

    I'm Looking at a CECT i9. Many available on eBay for less than 100 bucks, and it isn't locked to any one carrier. Heck, you can have an AT&T SIM and a T-Mobile SIM running at the same time!

    I bought my kid a iPod clone and he loves it. He watches video, listens to music and FM radio. All for 25 bucks, shipping included from Hong Kong! So I'm not too scared to order one of these. Just wondering if anyone else has been using them.
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  2. arceeguy

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    Well, I'm going to take the plunge and order one.
    I'll let you guys know if it's junk or not!
  3. arceeguy

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    I got the phone a couple of days ago, and while it is definitely NOT an iPhone, it looks like one if you want to be a poser. (like having an iPhone means anything)

    The reception is as good as my Blackberry or LG phone. The dual active SIM capability is cool. I have two "antenna bar" icons, each on different networks. (AT&T and T-Mobile) When you make a call, you select which SIM to call out on. When you receive a call, it lets you know which number is ringing. The sound quality is good, according to the people I've called. The bluetooth works fine. It came with two batteries and a charger capable of charging both at the same time. (one in phone, one in charger) The touch screen works fine, but when getting into sub-menus, the built in stylus helps a lot.

    The mp3 player is very basic, it works fine but I haven't figured out how to bring up the equalizer yet. (no instructions other than a quick start guide)

    It plays 3gp videos just fine, good quality.

    The FM radio gets decent reception although the digital slide rule scale is waaaaay off. You have to go by the frequency number, not the graphic. The FM radio and media player cam play over the built in speaker. (loud, but sounding like an AM radio)

    I've got the Java version of Super Mario Planet that plays fine. Kid likes it.

    Some of the included games are in Chinese - oh well, what did I expect?

    The startup chime and default ringtone are annoyingly loud and the ringtone is some sort of Chinese music. My wife and I were laughing our butts off when it first rang. I can't believe how loud the speaker is. I quickly replaced the ringtone with a mp3 ringtone. I need to dig around to see if I can disable/change the startup chime.

    If it lasts for a year or two, I will consider it a bargain. It is nice to have a phone (even one with flaws) that isn't locked to any network, and can be on multiple networks at the same time. Keeps you from being "locked in" to a contract because you accepted a "free" phone from one of the major cell carriers. I'll put up with the idiosyncrasies to have cell phone freedom!
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    I prefer HTC (windows mobile) smart phones. You can get just about as much software and games for them as you can for a PC. Lots of it on filesharing networks if you're a cheap-arse like me. They're probably many hundreds of dollars more than your phone though.