Anyone tow a trailer?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Trailers' started by akyramoto, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. akyramoto

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    I've had plans to make a bicycle trailer for my Xtracycle & was thinking that I should design it so that I could hitch it up to the whizzer too.
    Just curious if anyone has pulled a trailer behind their MB.

    I dont like too many trailers that are on the market & can't afford the only one I like ( a 'bikes at work' trailer). So I'm gonna build one. Already have my rims & just got some 2" wide schwalbe big apples to put on them.:grin:

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    I pull a cheap kid's trailer, behind my motored bikes. Cargo only....not kids. works great for groceries, laundry, etc.
    no high speeds....around 20-25 tops, for me.
    Pulls better with a load... bounces a lot, when empty.

    Here's a couple pics of "etc". (this was a "Slow Ride" home!)
    100_1693.JPG 100_1700.JPG
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    i have a kiddie one, but I just don't really trust it's durability. I plan to use it to pick up groceries & take the doggies to the lake or maybe go camping!

    i could imagine it'd get a little crazy doing almost 30mph with an empty kiddie trailer.
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    well i have plans to use 'carry freedom's' free trailer plans. the basis one you can make out of bamboo, but I might use EMT conduit. Not sure yet. I just really want a more reliable axle on my trailer, as my kiddie trailer has quick release wheels ( no through axle) & I just don't trust them.
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    That's AERONAUTICAL, Man!

  8. bluegoatwoods

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    The retro "camper" type look is cool.

    But I use a cheap-o kiddie type trailer. I almost don't leave home without it. There's always something I want to carry. It's held up just fine. There's actually two of them so far. One is almost ten years old. I've hauled some heavy loads in it. And it's holding up just fine. They seem to be just fine for the job and cost less than a fill up these days. Hard to beat.
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    have a cheap walmart kiddies trailer hooked up to my bike, can haul the kids comfortably at 20kms and use it for grocery runs, works fine for me, i think from checking out all the other threads about trailers, people are trying to over complicate, the simplier the better, alot less to go wrong, and the cheap ones could be easily upgraded to full axle etc. if your worried about there strength.
  10. sjackson

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    I was actually going to do this too! I think EMT is a decent sturdy material.
  11. Alaskavan

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    My trailer started out life as a kiddie's trailer. It trails along just fine at speeds in the neighborhood of 30 mph :cool:. I keep the tire pressure on the low side.

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    well thought I'd keep ya all updated on the trailer building. Today I found some scrap metal tubing to use for the frame. it's like EMT conduit - but I'm not really sure if it is. all I know if that it was FREE!! haha. So here i just have a rough layout of what I think the frame might look like - obviously the cross pieces will be cut even with the rest of it. I'm doing an 'A' type tongue, becuase I want to use it on the Xtracycle also. So i have to make a custom hitch for the whizzer and for the X. Should work out nicely. NOt sure what my final dimensions are going to be, probably wont be bigger than what I've laid out though, because I still need to be able to pull it!! haha

    I'm using joist hangers ( metal) for the wheel mounts,I"ll have to get a pic of those. I'm also using recycled kiddie wheels, they're purple!! lol got some Schwalbe big apple 2.0's for the tires.

    My ultimate goal is to make something big enough for two dogs & some gear.

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  13. SimpleSimon

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    Looks like 1/2, maybe 3/4 EMT to me. More than strong enough for a trailer. Got a Dremel tool? If so, the best joiners in the world for that stuff are designed for the purpose, and sold in hardware stores everywhere. Use T junctions, and grind out the internal lip on the crossbar so that they will slip along the tubing to where you want them, JB Weld them in place, along with the set screws that ccome with the junctions, and you can make just about any shape frame you might desire. If you want to get really fancy, make a tubing bender.
  14. akyramoto

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    I was just planning to drill holes & use screw to attatch them. I'll look into the junctions though, might make for a nicer looking trailer.
  15. SimpleSimon

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    Stronger, as well. EMT tubing isn't terribly strong to start with, and if you drill it you set up stress/failure points.
  16. akyramoto

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    ah! very good point!!

    I just had another idea - maybe for another trailer - or for this one in the future - putting a pusher motor on it, so that way my xtracycle can be motorized with out too much trouble or hassle ( i.e. putting it on the bike)
  17. SimpleSimon

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    I'm not thrilled by the idea of an uncontrolled range of motion articulated vehicle with the steering in the front, and the power to the rear. Which is exactly what a pusher trailer/bike combo amounts to. It's an invitation to disaster, IMO.

    Would be better to make a small, two wheeled trailer, with a strong hitch, and put a gas generator on it that produces about one KW, then put an electric motor on the bike. Some decent small generators can be had, new, for <$150, and probably a lot less at a flea market or pawn shop. That way, your power is on the steered portion of the vehicle, but you don't need 70+ pounds of batteries for a 30 mile range.
  18. akyramoto

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    hehe, just an idea I was tossing around :)

    makes sense though, i just saw some other people do it & seemed to work ok.
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    ha! i thought the exact same thing when I saw that cart @ harbor freight.

    any problems getting going when loaded with 100lbs?