anyone tried 90cc, 110 or over engines yet??

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  1. zackwyldefan

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    i am sure a lot of people would have seen videos like this. but check this out. seems interesting to me but i am afraid if it would still be called a moped. i wanna do something like this with my chopper bike. i saw video of a guy who put a 90cc or may be it was a 110cc 4stroke on a mountain bike. here's the bike:
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  2. mabman

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    Because of the oversize engines this type of bike can't really be classified as even a moped. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't exist in some way as a LSV? That chopper is a nice job but these are more my style:

    But the cost of these is prohibitive IMNSHO and their use is limited and cannot be easily ridden on public highways without fitting with lights and getting the whole registration thing going on. They sure do look like alot of fun though!
  3. arceeguy

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    I agree -

    With a Honda clone engine, you've got well over 50cc and a multi-speed transmission. Personally, I don't think going over 50cc is a crime, but when you add a 3 or 4 speed transmission, you can get going pretty fast! Adding lights and a horn would make sense for anything going past 25 mph, and some might even say that lights and horn are good on any two wheeled vehicle whether engine powered or not. You can get those engines in 50cc displacement, but they still have a multi speed gearbox.

    I own a small motorcycle with 110cc engine and it can easily cruise at 50. It is registered and insured. Great for running errands around town and conserving fuel!
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  4. Mountainman

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    all above -- fun motor bikes or cycles to watch and maybe own ???

    man and may we add woman -- have always it seems -- loved riding the two wheels
    either without or yes for sure also -- with a motor

    I have a weak spot for the old Honda 50 - 90 and 110cc in small motor driven cycles
    what a motor
    the thought of one on my bicycle -- must admit -- does trill me\

    ride that THING
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  5. zackwyldefan

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    great responses everybody. i was looking to put something on my bike that would allow me to take off from a full stop without pedalling. yes the engine is very oversized. but does anyone knows that is around 50- 80 cc that lets me still stay around 25mph AND lets me not pedal much from a full stop?
  6. zackwyldefan

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    right now i am just happy building my chopper bike with a 50cc bike kit. ;)
  7. Mountainman

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    it's a motorized bicycle or is it ???

    most if not all 50 to 80cc need not pedal for take off
    if geared properly

    if we have an 80cc and only wish for a 25mph max speed
    it's going to be pretty low geared -- no pedals needed on this little beast

    BUT -- WE LIKE OUR PEDALS -- it's a motorized bicycle or is it ???

    ride that THING
  8. zackwyldefan

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    oh thats great! if i dont have to pedal on every take off thats awesome! i have a 50cc little engine and the other thing is that my bike is a single speed. and if my bike can even go 18-20 mph i'll be more thn happy as i like to cruise at slow speeds. it gives me more peaceful riding experience. thanks mountainman. and yeah i have to keep my pedal as my bike is a coaster brakes. right no i am trying to figure out how to get a serial number for my bike so i can get it registered, insured and licensed.!! thanks everybdoy!
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  9. Mountainman

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    wooo -- painful

    you need all of those THINGS ?

    wooo -- painful !!

    I wonder if a pooolice officer would even pull you over ?

    have fun as you ride that THING
  10. zackwyldefan

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    no its not painful at all mountain man once your ride has a serial number. see you can get your vehicle registered to dmv if you have a serial number for your bike . but yes dmv paperwork for registration is a must. insurance is really very cheap and in new jersey you get a license for a moped even if you dont have regular car license. in lot of other states you have to have the car license first before you can have any other licenses. plus i want to ride feeling perfectly secure that i am respecting the law.
  11. mabman

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    The best way to have a serial number is to get the one off the bike frame as has been mentioned before. If the frame doesn't have one then etch a number in somehow, the longer the better. Etch the same number on the motor also. Make up a bill of sale with that number on it. It is all about the numbers and paperwork when you are at DMV.

    That really sounds to me like a reasonable law there in New Jersey, thanks for the info.
  12. arceeguy

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    When I asked DMV in NJ if I had to register/insure a pedal bicycle with an assist engine, they asked how fast does it go. I said about 20, and they said that there were no state requirements, but my town may have laws restricting them.
    I called my local police and they said that there were no laws banning them. (we do have laws banning pocket bikes on public streets)

    Just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave.......
  13. Most of us can really benefit from a higher than 50cc engine and are responsible enough to keep speeds down but that's not all of us.
    But still it would be fun to have the acceleration of a motorcycle on our bicycles but then you have to look into the fact that there is a bonified reason why motorcycles and mopeds have a lot more heavy duty components.
    I've looked at my Buggy Bike and I've made some crazy modifications to this Titan kit which is currently now a 3 speed with freewheel I just rode it today to pick up my meds at the local Kaiser and I absolutely love it. Because that Worksman trike is so heavy and it's definitely built tough I could see putting on a higher displacement engine and it would really benefit but I have a side pull brake up front that just slows things down a little and a coaster rear that has been known to derail from the chain. I have even thought of an extremely simple way to get a CVT on that Titan. Buy the CVT transmission and just flip the engine plate so the engine is moved over lining up the sprocket to the jack shaft and you can really get some speeds!
    But then how fast do you want to go on a bicycle with bicycle components? Then what would cops think when you are passing mopeds on the streets?
    I'm always about tinkering. I'm always about looking for improvements. But after today's ride that vintage 3 speed is shifting ever so smoothly I can finally shift without looking down at where my gears are at I looked at my buggy bike and thought "all I really need for this ride is a paint job it's looking purple today cause some pink over-spray got on it from when I painted that kiddie bike for my God daughter.
    So sorry for spoiling the party but the inventiveness in all of us has to reach a summit. And if I go bigger I WILL attract the attention of the law.
    So as far as my buggy bike goes,I have reached my summit.
    Cronus just needs a new engine so I don't have to share the one on the buggy bike which incidentally has surpassed 4500 miles by now. I've pretty much already reached that summit too. Got the wheelman wheel in back. That's the only mod that bike needs. 48 tooth sprocket is just right for me.
    So in conclusion 30 mph for me on a bicycle is way too fast for my blood.
    That's just me,but I like it when the world passes by me slowly. :cool2:
  14. zackwyldefan

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    ah nice!! but to be on safe side, having legal papers at little cost is real good thing to do. as for serial numbers, i think the best idea would be to contact the seller and see if they can assign you a number that you can get registered and etched on the bike and the engine. i am gonna try contact as i bought my chopper bike from them. see if they can agree on something. i'll let you guys know how it wokrs.
  15. zackwyldefan

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    and LargeFilipino you have a real good point. if the bike is sturdy i think putting a 80cc engine on it is reasonable since the bike weighs quiet a lot itself so high speed is not that much possible but we need enough power to keep us well steady on the road. right now i have 50cc and i still have to see how it works with the bike.
  16. Mountainman

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    nice to be legal as you -- ride that THING

    those THINGS mentioned don't sound bad

    hoping that you don't need brake lights and turn lights
    I have seen them somewhere on site though
    just wouldn't want a lot of stuff added to my MB

    have fun
    and as you say -- it is very nice to be legal as you

    ride that THING
  17. zackwyldefan

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    yes i am no big fan of adding all the lights on the bike. you know too many wires hanging off. i saw someone do that but they also added a mototrcycle battery. good for him. i mean that guy had an ignition key and everything. i appreciate his hardwork and creativity but if i had to do all that, i'll just fall on the floor. plus i am too pooor for that. i am srupirsed that i was able to buy the chopper bike And the engine. the reaosn i wanna have paperworks set up right is as i dont wanna give any one an execuse, especially others on the road who most of the time look at bicyclists like, 'you shouldnt be on the road'.
  18. Easy headlite for us Po' Folks

    Hey Zack, did you know that Wald made for years, and still does, a spring clip that goes on your handlebars, and holds a standard flashlight? And you can swivel it up and down on the bars for how far out it goes.

    I have little flashing led tailites for bicycle that work good, and do not eat batteries, at about 5.00.

    Soooo, even us po' folks can have lights if we really need them!

  19. zackwyldefan

    zackwyldefan Member

    thats great mike. versatile use of flashlight that usually just sits at home. plus to get a bicycle headlight of the same strength would prob cost more than the flashlight. thanks mike.
  20. mabman

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    Just use two opposing hoseclamps, cheaper than those old flashlight holders and way more secure.