Anyone tried "American Chain Drive"?

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by mppardee, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. mppardee

    mppardee Guest

    I found the web site for American Chain Drive and/or Island Hopper at
    but there is no talk about them on these forums. I was interested in the Titan 1000 kit. I found the web site very odd and there is no real technical information. I still thought it might be a worthwhile option to check into so I sent them an email:
    I am adding a motor to my bike and found your web page but need more specifications.

    It looks like these engines are 2-stroke, but I would prefer a 4-stroke engine. Will you sell a titan 1000 kit without an engine and how much would it cost? Would you sell the titan 1000 with a name brand 4-stroke engine? Would another engine easily fit onto the titan 1000? What is the motor clutch size or interface? Where is the specifications page for these "BridgeStone" engines including dimensions, power curve, clutch characteristics, etc?

    When riding a bike equipped with the titan 1000, can you coast down a big hill at 40 mph or will the engine brake you or rev beyond its range? Is there a freewheel and/or centrifugal clutch?

    Do you offer different sprocket sizings to acheive different top speeds or better hill climbing? Your site says it can exceed 30 mph and up to 45 mph with pedaling, but it also says it only does 25-30 mph on a different page? The 35cc engine says 5400 rpm and the 48cc says 7000 rpm but the sprocket size looks the same, so is there different gearing in the engine box between the two models? What are the gearing ratios between the motor to drive box and drive box to sprocket on the wheel? I need the gear ratios and engine power curves to know if this will accommodate my weight on the hills while giving me decent speed on the flats.

    What kind of warranty do you provide? Can you provide any bigger/better pictures of the gear box and mounting hardware so I can see the quality?

    Sorry to ask so many questions but I need to know if this kit will do what I need. I will gladly post your response on the forums so others can learn about your product. It seems that this is a relatively new product so hopefully more information will be added to your site in the future.

    This is the response I got back:


  2. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    the 'I don't know anything' would scare me away :eek::eek::eek:
  3. npk1977

    npk1977 Guest

    I agree. I think, however, in the interest of fairness, we email the vendor the URL to this post and ask them to comment?
  4. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    I am confused...
    I thought mppardee's letter was to the point on his questions, and the vendor said 'I can't help you',
    why would we want the same response ?
  5. mppardee

    mppardee Guest

    You can email them if you'd like, their address can be found on
    but I already mentioned in the original email that I was going to post their response at so I think there is nothing else to be done.
  6. npk1977

    npk1977 Guest

    All, sorry, my fault, I didn't quite catch the ending where mppardee said the post was going on

    If mppardee didn't tell the vendor he was posting his reply, I think it would be fair to give the vendor a chance to answer questions. However, the vendor knew full well what was happening here.
  7. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    interesting...way to pitch in, mppardee.

    i've had mixed luck with similar attempts with various sellers, but i always keep trying...

    like i've said before, with some organization, i believe we could help define the future of
    the MotoredBiking market.
  8. Starrman15

    Starrman15 Guest

    American Chain Drive???

    For what it is worth, (during my 3 month research of bike engines/bikes before my GEBE purchase) I came upon this company.

    From what I remember, the bikes were all assembled & pretty reasonable.
    (Considering you get bike & engine fully assembled)
    If memory serves, they were the Chinese engines mounted to different styles of bicycles.

    The main reason I did not "go for one" was all I had heard were NIGHTMARE stories concerning those Chinese engines.
    So I decided not to go that route.

    The site was very friendly & responded Quickly.
    In fact, I may go & check out the URL & compare to what I saw last year at this time!

  9. Starrman15

    Starrman15 Guest

    Ok, I Remember This Site!!

    They had a few bikes I had interest in.
    & they are not the chinese engine site.

    I Personally like a couple of their bikes & still feel that they are reasonable considering what you pay for just a GEBE kit.

    The O.C.C. Schwinn is a great deal IMO.
    If it is junk, then what do you do?

  10. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    Well, they look cool and at only 6 lbs?!? Power to weight ratio would be great!
  11. Torques

    Torques Guest

    That's one company I would avoid at all costs. Cheesy city.
  12. Torques

    Torques Guest

    Look carefully at that Stingray, when the pedal is moved to the aft end on the engine side, it must "just clear" the engine. How would you keep your foot on the pedal, unless you don't pedal?
  13. louturks

    louturks Guest

    I just bought a motorized bicycle from Island Hopper. I called them before I bought there and ask the person who worked on the 4 stroke motors some general questions. He was very helpful. I have the 4 stroke 2.5 hp Bridgestone motor. It does 30-35 mph and does a decent job climbing hills. Now, I didn't ask about all the specifics you did, all I wanted was something fun to ride. So far so good.
  14. louturks

    louturks Guest

    The question I had because I didn't know is if you are not using any throttle going downhill at 40 mph and the engine is braking you, what is that telling you about the engine?
  15. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    :cool:That tells you that the system has no freewheel mechanism. :confused:

    With my STATON chain drive, there is a freewheel sprocket at the wheel. My bike coasts with no engine braking.

    With my STATON friction drive, there is a drag from the roller in constant contact with the tire. The engine does have a centrifugal clutch, so the drag is from the roller.

  16. louturks

    louturks Guest

    Ah, okay, Thanks for explaining that
  17. MtnGoat

    MtnGoat Guest


    Anyone notice the automatic transmission? From the Home page:
    Titan 1000 is Quiet (45 dbl's), Low profile, Sleek, Lightweight, Has a built in automatic transmission.

    All the kits show the following:
    Transmission: Gears / Oil 30 SAE / Clutch

    45 dbl is very low noise. I haven't heard of a 6lb four stroke. All this sounds too good to be true. But the pictures are enticing.
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  18. Zemus DE

    Zemus DE Guest

    45 dbs is bull****...excuse my french. They use Bridgstone engines which are a cheaper knock-off (almost identical design)to the Mitsubishi TLE series. The TLE 33 (can't seem to get them anymore, at least in the U.S.)which is the quietest 2 stroke i personally have EVER heard. And they hover under 60 dbs at idle, but no 45. The TLE 43 (what DE sells)which is very comparible to the tanaka 32cc(What GEBE sells) runs between 65-70 db. Mitsubishi stats 68 db at idle on the TLE 43.

    And I dont remember them claiming it to be a 4 stroke, but 6 lbs even for a dry 2 stroke engine pushing it. Again the Mitsubishi TLE 33's dry engine weight is 7.6 lbs. its hard to see a larger displacement engine (35cc)weighing less, granted i know that doesnt justify the weight. But like i said earlier the Bridgestone engines are basically a cheaper knockoff of the Mitsubishi TLE engines. i could be wrong here though, the bridgestone we have is still attached to its drivetrain, so i cant weigh it now(mostly cuz im lazy tho).

    Like I said above, we have a bridgestone engine here we took of a lil Go-Ped knockoff so if you want pictures of one, especially compared to the mitsubishi just let me know.
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  19. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Louturks, when you get it maybe you can give us a review of the product.
  20. louturks

    louturks Guest

    Here is what I have. Since this is my first bike with a motor on it I can't compare it to any others. I'm not sure how many decibels it is in idle but it seems pretty quiet. Of course it is decently loud at full throttle. The question he asked above about going downhill at 40 mph without throttle does the motor brake you, yes it does. Only difference in the picture is the fuel tank is on the bottom of the motor instead of the top.
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