Anyone tried OPTI-2 in Arizona?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by ToxicAZ520, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. ToxicAZ520

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    Has anyone tried Opti-2 in arizona i am trying it out but it is only spring and not 100+ degrees out yet just worried about when it gets hot out.

  2. V 35

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    The chemistry of Opti 2 is that it is attracted to heat. Seems to me, it would be a good choice for hot climate use.
  3. Drustafa

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    Well I'm also on the lookout for Opti-2 in the Phoenix area. I tried Ace, Gregory's Lawn Mowers, & Aero Equipment Rentals without luck. They haven't even heard of it. Let me know if you find some locally - shipping is pricey!
  4. Greybeard

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    It may live up to it's claims, but I'm a sceptic. At 68 years, I've seen lot's of gimics, gizmos, and gunk who's real claim to fame was to make somebody money.
    Opti-2 is a mineral oil, witha specific additive package. We've had automotive oil with all sorts of additives, including teflon, boron, graphite, moly, chlorine compounds, zinc, phosphers, and others. Some work good, some not so. Opti-2 relies on the antiwear compound "sacrificing" itself, instead of the metal, and producung a very high heat at the bearing that will allow for the metal to "move" and thus fill in the machine marks and imperfections from manufacturing. Are you really comfortable heating up the bearing surface to a degree that the metal "moves"? Is there perhaps a heat treatment in the pieces of a roller bearing? If you are heating the bearing to a point that metal is moved, will it not muck up the heat treatment.
    As I said, I'm a sceptic. Other oils have additive packages as well. The base stock of Opti-2 is mineral oil. So why so expensive? A little Zinc, Boron, or Clorine compound shouldn't raise the price to a buck + per ounce. The whole thing reminds me of the late night infomercials where they take two engines, pour the secret compound in one and let it run for a while, and then drain the oil until one quits, and of course the one with the secret compound is running good. sure