Anyone try a TLE43 on a GEBE drive?

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by Happy Valley, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Happy Valley

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    Not much mention of this combination in the archive. I did find a thread with this caution by Lou whose opinion I respect:
    I've got a GEBE drive without a motor I traded for that's been sitting around my shop, never used one before.

    Curious, anyone used a Mits 43 on a GEBE?
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  2. bamabikeguy

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    I dunno about that specific engine, but my buddy Jack buys GEBEs mounts and clutches, then adds big engines he finds on eBay.

    For instance, on that stretch cruiser that hit 52 mph, he got a 49cc pocket rocket engine for $125 (one time, the guy wanted $400 for those after that). A guy bought wheel, ring and mounts from me 2 weeks ago, and Jack put him on a 50 cc that he'd got for $100.

    But you have to get them rolling to 10 mph or on a downhill run, then really ease on the throttle, NO jackrabbitting allowed.

    Jack's two grandson's went through 2 belts, not knowing how to finesse the throttle on the stretch cruiser. He keeps a second belt "pre-looped" and duct-taped near the mount, so if it ever breaks, he can install that new belt on in a minute or so.

    He's avoided that by not allowing strangers to ride it anymore. I've ridden it, got it up in the high 40 mph range.
  3. stude13

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    35cc and less do very well.
  4. seanhan

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    TLE 43 on GEBE

    I don't see the TLE 43 as being any stronger than a tanaka 40 cc..
    That GEBE sells.. I think if you got a good strong wheel, either engine would be just fine with some care...

  5. Happy Valley

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    Yeah, me either. You running the Tanaka 40 on your bike sean? Those are great engines. I've got a couple of Mitsu 43s on hand so I thought I give the GEBE a try with one.
  6. seanhan

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    Tle 43

    Yea i would like to hear how the TLE works out with the GEBE.
    I read thats it's a very Quit 2 stroke...