anyone try the go-peds?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by astring, Jul 11, 2008.

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  2. well now you know why they sold it
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    But of course. Pretty neat that guy put a Subaru on there!!

    My friend bought the Riot, but IMO he got ripped off paying $1,000 for it. It's soo fun if you don't treat it like he does, tho. See here:

    I feel like the whole point in having a GoPed is *not* to have a seat, tho... supposed to be more of a Segway-ish chariot-like feel. I would have opted for the GTR46i (Trail Ripper) if it were my money, tho. See here:

    That C.I.D.L.I. suspension is what makes both the Riot and the Trail Ripper. Amazing innovation by GoPed... so maybe they're worth $700 each, but not much more than that.
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    hi; throw away the ped and stick the go on the back tire.
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    I woulda bought a GoPed with a Subaru on the back for $150 anyday!!
  7. astring

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    he asked $250, I offered $100 (first day it was offered). i called back after a week or so and he came down to $150. I'll have fun with it.
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    The motor deserves better than being on a go-ped :)
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    What kind of clutch / output drive does that have?

    Would it be possible to post a few pics of that detail?

    I was thinking about putting one of these in frame and
    driving the front sprocket on a mountain bike
    See the attached pic

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    Forbisher... where did you get that gas tank?!?

    That's the exact one I had to take off of a friend's old scooter that didn't work. If he wouldn't have found that... I'd still be leakin' gas everywhere.
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    I am stuck on my daughter's computer which can't upload pics. But I will be at my bro's place today and I'll try to do it there.

    It has a weird little mini chain with mini links. As for the clutch I'll post a pic as soon as I can.

    I was having fun with it this morning. I had to adjust the idle and I got the idea that you have to push a lot on the low end, but it does move pretty fast once you get going. Forget about tight turns.

    what a great idea about that mount.
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    FACER, actually hands and knee. ouch. These things are quick and do not handle well on with a little sand on the road.
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    They look pretty fun to me.