Anyone tryed out a Revolution Cycles engine before??

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by StrontiumEthics, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. StrontiumEthics

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    Anyone tryed out a Revolution Cycles engine before?? Can you guys give me feedback. Like what ya got out it? Top speed? Clutch performance? Reliablity? Thanks a bunch!

    -Strontium E.

  2. lennyharp

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  3. dbigkahunna

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    Oh his momma did not hug him or dropped him on his little head several times.
    He is selling a Happy Time engine. These are available form vendors who will treat you much better, respect you as a customer and not think of you as a ATM.
    But I could be worng.
  4. wayde

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    i'd go with dax or chris hill
  5. darwin

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    Stront I dont know that dealer but do a search on it and read then form your own conclusions. Theres plenty of vendors in these threads where folks have nothing but good things to say about service and the product. To me customers experience is like gold. Good luck!
  6. StrontiumEthics

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    Yes you are right thats what I would do as well. But Dax's wait time is to long you know? I wanna do it before the summer is over? Which one do you have?
  7. kerf

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    This guy doesn't have horns and a tail, he's not evil, just a poor businessman. Nobody in business, gets up in the morning and plans to make his customers mad but sometimes it just happens. The good vendors will have many happy customers and every now and the a mad one. The poor vendors will have many mad customers and every now and then a happy one. Just the way the world is.
  8. Simonator

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    I bought a replacement 70cc engine from him after my first motor took a poop, not the kit, just the motor. I paid $135 shipped. the item was as described. Shipping took a couple weeks, not too bad. When I received my package, the first thing I thought was the box looked way too small. He stuffed it in a flat rate box, and didnt use any packing material to protect it. He just stuck it in an empty box and shipped it. Luckily it came in one piece. One of the motor mount studs got bent during shipping, but that was the only damage.
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    thanks for showing me that...not!

    hehe, i just went over there and put my foot in my mouth...started ramblin about the 2-stroke...sheesh i'll be glad when the holiday is over and i can stop drinking beer.

    i was so far ot it's pathetic...i guess monsewer-bryne is gonna have a field-day :rolleyes:
  11. spunout

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    haha....its painfully obvious that the husband-and wife deal was in fact bryan. like someone said. read the two posts, and its clear they were written by the same author.

    glad you got in there to muddy the waters, augi
  12. MasterLink

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    thought that would be a good link :???:
  13. augidog

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    haha! me too...not yer fault, tho...i got ahead of myself.
  14. kerf

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    Maybe he does have horns.:???:
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    Wow, it's been a long time since I was on here, how the time flies.
    Anyways, on to what this thread is about here. I had tried to purchase a grip set from rev boy a long time ago on ebay and register for the ebay newsletter carp back then. The grip that I received ended up being cheap light plastic and was cracked up badly when received...tried to contact bryan about it and he wouldn't do anything. This was long ago, and I've more or less forgotten about it and him, until I was doing some browsing in here and wanted to post his comments on all of us / you motorized bicycle customers out there. I received this ebay newsletter a few days ago.
    It is disgusting that someone could think of their customers in such a manner. If anyone wants or needs to have access to the original email, please send me an email and ask. I don't get much free time to spend on the forum, but I would like to help see this A*****E go down in history once and for all.

    Revolution Cycles Needs your HELP!!

    eBays new policy of caveat venditor (seller beware) defies and denies nature.... Caveat emptor (buyer beware) Its latin ...and really really old...
    eBay's new policy is communist, fascist...and stupid...People are leaving negative feedback for anything they can think of and it is completely unfair. If you have not left positive feedback for your purchase please do!!... I need 80 in 30 days or i will close my account and start all over again with much higher prices.
    Here are the facts
    eBay is a pain in the ***
    Motorized bicycles are a pain in the ***
    Motorized Bicycle customers are a pain in the ***
    When I asked "china" if it was possible for a seller of chinese motorized bicycles to have a good reputation the answer was simply ... "No"
  16. dwsutton

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    Very wise quote !! I have purchased some things from Revolution and the shipping was super fast and the price was pretty good - never something as large as an engine kit. Boygofast on Ebay while has 0% customer service, he ships out the same day or next on engine kits so I can't completely slam him either. Ive purchased three from him in the past for 165.00 including shipping each and with the exception of the dings in the tank, all have been good motors.
  17. pedalpower

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    from the videos I've seen of him, he looks about the age when symptoms typical can begin to present. If you haven't received your shipment it could be that either he is in jail or in a hospital but definitely medically noncompliant and asuredly using. I feel bad for him, but not too much. It's not that he will close his ebay account it's that Ebay is going to close his account. some people just don't get it.
  18. sjackson

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    He's definitely a tweaker, IMO. In one of his videos he couldn't stop bouncing his leg. He openly alludes to using other "green" substances in his eBay comments and videos, but acts like somebody who's really spun.
  19. I saw he was listing some "roundhead" engines and sent him a email asking a few questions and got a really nasty reply. I would avoid him. Just read some of the childish replies he leaves for people that leave him negative feedback. I have only come across one member here, that took offense to a comment I made about Bryan in a post, and sent me a PM telling me that Revo boy was a good guy, and to keep my comments to myself, but didnt care to post his opinion publically, I am convinced that this guy is either Bryan, his lover, or his dealer....
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