anyone use a moped fork?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by RedBaronX, May 8, 2011.

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    Does anyone use a moped fork on their bike? And if so, what kinds will fit a bicycle (Worksman, specifically). A couple on this site look like they will fit, but many forks they have listed don't list the specific dimensions

    Moped forks

    There are obviously more moped forks in the world than what are listed here, but this is a start, and the prices are comparable to getting a bicycle springer fork

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    Could turn out well for you!
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    "turn"... was that meant to be a pun? :D
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    anyone use a moped fork>

    You might be better off investing in a suspension fork made for mountain bikes. That's basically what a moped fork is. The bike suspension forks will come in tube diameters and lengths that will fit your bike frame. The handlebars etc on mopeds are different than on a bike so the mounting mechanism for them is also different. You might wind up with forks that fit the frame and no way to attatch the handlebars.
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    Well, that's why I'm asking questions.

    A different fork is further down on the list of what I need since I don't NEED a fork.
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    Every moped I have worked on utilizes 7/8" handlebars. Bicycles and most all metric motorcycles use 7/8" handlebars too. If you can work out the moped fork stem to bicycle frame head tube issues, you should have "a million" different handlebar choices to work with.
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    Why would you wanna change them moped parts are heavy and bulky. Just get a good suspention front forks like arkives 1 suggested. Cause alot of time you go changing stuff of bicycles it doesnt ride the same sometimes more unstable. And potentially dangerous conditions could exist. Why dont you just buy you a moped im looking for a good one to buy my self......
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    I'm just exploring the different possibilities of a suspension fork since I'm not fond of the very common curved springer fork and the reproduction Monark forks are supposedly not very good.
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    Another thing to consider is...

    I may be wrong here, but moped forks may be shorter in length the a bicycle fork is
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    I have been looking at lengths as well. Some of them are considerably too short, and some are long enough (unless the length of spring travel is a lot longer than I realize).

    But that is a factor that I know I have to look at
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    Oh well, this guy on the other forum "msrfan" has been buildinh briggs powered bikes for years, using mo-ped forks on all his builds. Most of them have 1" stems.

    Go there and look under the "diy" forum,and go back about 4 or 5 pages and look for "older briggs build" for an example