anyone use these kits?

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    You posted:

    man these kits are $%^*! .. now the gas cap

    If you think these kits are so poor may I suggest you look into a rack-mount kit? The rack mount kits are much easier to install for a beginner and they tend to be more reliable.
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    :grin5:i fixed my gas cap and im going to buy another 2 cycle.. rack mounts are boring.. has anyone used the kits from the link posted??
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    heres a crazy idea- links without sarcasm. =) besides i was hoping for more than one review,..
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    Kings = so you can see those reviews as well. If it made it from china ok, then what you get from these folks probably will be okay, cause I am pretty sure that they just take the box from china and put it in another box.
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  8. mine came from and the engine is real good and still starts the first time.